DWTS – ‘Naked Mom’ Brooke Burke’s Book Promotion: Good Morning America & Ryan Seacrest

Brooke has been out and about promoting her new book, “Naked Mom“. This morning she was on Good Morning America. She discussed her book some of which includes her experiences with “Dancing With The Stars”. There is a spot in the interview where she talks about Florence Henderson and what she learned from her last Season. She also talks on Derek and what they went through to win the Mirror Ball Trophy and counseling was one thing. More below.

Here she is on Ryan Seacrest as well;

I also just ran onto an interview with Brooke at Amazon (where you can order a copy if interested). Here is a take.

Teresa: Which DWTS judge would you like to see naked? And which judge would most appreciate a great read?

Brooke: Bruno, because regardless, he’ll make you laugh; he’ll perform for you and he’s full of personality to keep you interested! Len would not only appreciate a great read, but I think he’d make a great read. I’d love to hear Len’s story.

Teresa: You sell post-pregnancy belly wraps. Are those made with lavash or tortilla? I’m hungry!

Brooke: Trust me, you wouldn’t want to eat your way to the middle! Remember how yucky you felt right after birth, all that extra baggy baby skin! Don’t we give enough as mothers–why do they take our bods too! Tauts is a compression garment that helps your tummy get back in shape fast!

Teresa: If I had won the coveted Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy and I looked like you, I would stare at the trophy and thus myself all day. Where do you keep that thing?

Brooke: No, you wouldn’t! It’s too painful to remember all the pulled and torn muscles…I keep it in my closet; not hiding, on my vanity. It used to rotate through my girls’ rooms. Everyone who visits wants a pic with it, not ME!

Not sure what to make about her trophy comment? Could you put a Mirror Ball trophy in the closet? 😐 Loved her comments about Len and Bruno though. lol
Heidi’s Comment: Dude, please. When Brooke Burke talks about her closet she is likely talking about a room twice as large as my bedroom in my condo. It’s not like it’s hidden on a shelf somewhere.