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DWTS 10: Aiden Turner Sent Home

I hate that Aiden was sent home…he was just starting to come out of his shell!  He and Edyta were fabulous together and had such a great relationship.  And I think Edyta needs to win one of these seasons…she’s the only pro that’s been on DWTS since season 1 and hasn’t won!

Relive Aiden’s Dances
1. Week 1, Cha-Cha-Cha

2. Week 2: Foxtrot

Week 3: Quickstep

Week 4: Rumba

April 15, 2010 I Written By


After missing a week, I’m back with the good, the bad and the incredibly hot!  In my defense, I thought Week 3 was incredibly boring and the most exciting dance was between Chelsie and Derek!

I can’t get enough of Damian!  He’s so adorable and works so well with Pam that their chemistry is undeniable and fun to watch!  The only thing that gets me about Pam is during interviews when she plays the ‘innocent, sexy bombshell’!  This rumba could’ve gone one of two ways and thank goodness it went to the vulnerable route!  It was elegant and beautiful to watch and that split at the end!  LOVE IT!

I have such mixed emotions about Kate but one thing is for sure, she is a disaster on the dance floor.  Part of me feels bad for her because her life is constantly played out in the media but the other part of me just thinks she’s a ruthless bitch that needs to be sent packing.  Either way, this dance was a mess but Kate was finally having fun.

I think I have fallen in love with Evan!  He is so full of life and looks effortless when he dances with Anna!  I love watching his packages when he’s wearing his hat, which makes him look sort of badass….as badass as you can get when on the SOI tour and practicing for DWTS!

I Written By

Joanna Krupa Sent Home on DWTS

Is anyone else pissed that Joanna was sent home last night?  I think she should have been in the finals no questions asked.  She was sexy, elegant, and amazing to watch all season and to come this close just kills me.  And with Derek’s hot choreography I’m pretty sure their freestyle would’ve been HOT!

Week 1: Cha, Cha, Cha

Week 4: Lambada

Week 6: Waltz

Week 7: Rumba

Week 8: Futuristic Paso Doble

Week 9: Cha Cha Cha


November 18, 2009 I Written By

Aaron Carter Sent Home on DWTS

I was slightly disappointed that Aaron was sent home last night.  I think out of all the contestants he had the most up and down experience going from amazing in the first 2 weeks and then getting overly cocky and hard to watch and then back to brilliant and passionate dancing.  I had a feeling Aaron was going to be sent home over Kelly but let’s take a look at his best dances and hottest outfits 🙂

Week 1: Cha-Cha
Little Aaron Carter can dance! This was an amazing premier dance for Aaron and Karina! I loved that you could tell he was working so hard to be a good dancer but also an amazing partner for Karina. Every time he touched her I could tell he was into it!

Week 2: Viennese Waltz
I loved the Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy story line here!

Week 5: Argentine Tango
He feel of the wagon during weeks 3 and 4 but came back with his Robert Patterson vibe in the Argentine Tango! This dance was so sexy and confident on his end and he had amazing partnering for Karina!

Week 6: Waltz
This was Aaron’s most mature dance of the season! Absolutely loved it 🙂

Week 7: Jive
BEST DANCE!!!! This dance was so him…fast, energetic, and so much fun! His foot work was off the charts phenomenal!


I loved his Argentine Tango costume…Very Patterson inspired and he looked like man 🙂

I thought his Kermit the Frog outfit was adorable!  He really doesn’t have a color that doesn’t look amazing on him!  But that could be the spray tan!

Normally I would not like an outfit like this one but something about it is very suiting for him.  And how could you not love Karina in this dress 🙂

Not the picture I was looking for…but who doesn’t love a guy in all white 🙂

November 11, 2009 I Written By


What a week!

The thing with all Mya is that she is always good just never outstanding. She stays in the safe zone and that’s why I never get the ‘WOW’ factor from her like I do with Derek and Joanna! However, Dmitry and his mustache were amazing 🙂

Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoy watching Kelly and Louis but I think this storyline was just to much! The doll carried on for way to long and her dancing was very small in comparison to all the other celebs dances. I don’t think the dance was terrible but it had no ‘WOW’ factor

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!  These two do it again…Derek’s choerography was BRILLIANT!  By far my favorite dance of the season!

I LOVED seeing Sabrina and Mark together again…this routine was fantastic and so hot!

Amazing lifts…amazing chemistry…amazing dance!

I Written By

Michael Irvin Sent Home on DWTS

All I have to say is, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”

I know he had a lot of fans but I’ve never been into the NFL dancers and him especially since stayed instead of Louie last week.  However, I will not be bitter and will do him justice and show him some love via his best dance and best costumes!

Foxtrot: This was by far his best dance and most improved dance! And…Anna finally put in some pretty decent choreography that was on par with the other celebs still in the race 🙂

My favorite costume on Michael!!!!!!  I loved him in pink, surprisingly…I don’t usually like guys in pink!  And how could you not love Anna’s dress along side him 🙂

November 5, 2009 I Written By

Mark Dacascos Sent Home on DWTS

I was really sad to see Mark leave on this note with his partner being out and him not on top of his game but that’s the game I guess…Let’s take a look at some of his best dances, costumes, and let’s see what the twitter world is saying to him 🙂

Jitterbug:  I think you’d have to be crazy not to count this as Mark’s best dance!  I enjoyed this dance because Mark really let his personality come out which made his dancing that much better 🙂

Paso Doble: This wasn’t Mark’s best technical dance but the two of them here are brilliant!

Cha-Cha-Cha: This was my favorite costume throughout the seven weeks! It was very him and in his element 🙂


Edyta (@Edyta_Sliwinska)
I’m very sorry for Mark. He is one of the nicest people I’ve met, with so much potential! I’m sorry Anna, you did everything possible.

Lacey (@LaceySchwimmer)
All is good everyone, thanks to those who voted and supported us! GMA in the am then a flight to nyc for the VIEW. How am I gunna get better

November 4, 2009 I Written By

Melissa Joan Hart Sent Home on DWTS

I was expecting a lot more from Melissa but she never fully delivered for me.  However she did have some fun dances and sweet costumers!!

Melissa’s best dance was her Charleston by far!  I think this was because she was in her element of acting the piece more than dancing it technically. 


Who doesn’t love fringe!  This costume was so bright and suited her personality very well!

She look’s so elegant her!  This dress was so gorgeous on her and you can tell she has having so much fun with Mark!

Thanks to Phillipe, I have pictures of her amazing Charleston dress 🙂  Or maybe I’m just a fan of the era…who knows!

October 29, 2009 I Written By

Louie Vito Sent Home on DWTS

He was my favorite and I’m so sad that he was sent home over Michael Irvin 🙁  I loved his chemistry with Chelsie and his willingness to support her in every dance from week to week!  I understand that he dropped Chelsie twice on Monday nights show and that was a huge NO-NO for the judges but I thought he did beautifully in the style.  Enough venting on my love for Louie Vito…let’s see some of his best dances and costumes 🙂

I think I’m just a hopeless romantic and always hoped these two would get together for the first shomance of the season!

Week 6: Jitterbug

Week 3: Rumba

Nothing says sexy like a typical Latin outfit!  He was very hot and complementary to Chelsie’s gold costume!

I love him in red!  His muscles are crazy amazing and look how much fun he’s having with Chelsie!

Do you see how in to Chelsie he is right now!  I think this is my favorite outfit on him because he’s in his element with the over sized t-shirt and biker jacket!  This is the only time that I didn’t like Chelsie’s costume with Louie’s

I couldn’t find a picture of his beginning get up but this is equally sexy!  And Chelsie looks so gorgeous!

I Written By


I’m very sad this week because I loved Louie and Chelsie and was not ready to see them go 🙁  However, that is the nature of the show and favorites go home every week.

What I was really excited about was all the sexy outfits!  Hello Joanna in her mambo costume, SO HOT!  Kelly in her jitterbug out, SO ADORABLE!  Louie as a ‘nerd’, SO SEXY!  Donny in his train get up, SO FUN!!  And now for the good, the bad, and the incredibly hot!

Kelly and Louis
These two crack me up every single week!!!!  I love their chemistry and I love that Louis choreographs to highlight Kelly at every stage of the dance!  Her smile is infectious and her feet are getting their 🙂  Her turns are always off and her feet are sometimes very pigeon-toed but watching her with Louis is amazingly beautiful!

Melissa and Mark
I think Melissa had a lot of potential to go a long way on this show but she got to the point where she was more focused on the destination rather than the journey.  The choreography that Melissa this week was very classic waltz but I didn’t feel like Melissa connected with the piece the way it required.  The technique Mark has been trying to instill in her from day one has been going out the window since after their Charleston and I think this week it was finally all gone.

Competition Mambo: Derek and Joanna
HOLY SMOKES…these two were so SEXY!!!!  The choreo Derek gave Joanna was perfect and it really suited her well!  She is beautiful in the latin world and I can’t wait for more from these two!

October 28, 2009 I Written By