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Natalie Coughlin Sent Home on DWTS

John gave me a brilliant idea to do a tribute to the star that has been sent home so here we go with Natalie in Week 5…

Her best dance

Her hottest costume(s)

Not many people can pull off orange but Natalie shined in this crazy, fun Latin outfit!  And you can totally tell that her and Alec are having such a blast with the dance 🙂

I wasn’t sure about this costume when I first saw it but it really does her justice!  I love that it complemented the song they danced to but I also like that she representing the USA just like she did in swimming.  The only thing that I hated about this outfit was Alec’s ensemble!  The two just don’t go together but Natalie looks GORGEOUS!

I was hoping for a better picture of her ‘ice princess’ costume but this is all I could find 🙁  I absolutely loved this dress on her.  She looked so elegant and beautiful and, again, you can tell that she and Alec are enjoying their dance together.

I was really sad to see Natalie go and according to some twitter accounts…others were just as sad:

From Johnathon Roberts (@JonatRoberts)
@NatalieCoughlin You were so awesome all thru the show. Great technique, flexibility, performance-you had it all, we think you are great!!!

@NatalieCoughlin u were great & did NOT deserve 2 go. I’m so bummed, Anna & I were so enjoying watching u dance-u r awesome

From Carrie Ann (@carrieanninaba)
Very sad as well about Natalie and Alec. Doesn’t seem right. This year is very interesting….

From Mark Dacascos (@mark_dacascos)
Thank you for keeping us on another week. Really sad to see Natalie leave — one of the most charming, kind, classy women I’ve ever met.

From Dmitry Chaplin (@dmitry_ch)
@NatalieCoughlin u were AMAZING and I am really sad to see you go… Keep on shining, you are great!

From Kelly Osbourne (@MissKellyO)
@NatalieCoughlin I just wanted to let you know how amazing its been getting to know you. You are the coolest girl i’ve met in a long time!

October 22, 2009 I Written By


This was such a fun week of Latin dances!!!!  I absolutely adore the paso doble and the Argentine tango because their fierce, sexy, powerful, and aggressive!  Not to mention…HOT COSTUMES!!!!  I loved Natalie’s homage to the USA, Karina and Aaron’s fiery red attire, Kym’s racy black dress, Lacey’s very Karina like ruby dress, and how could you not love Kelly and Louis’ outfits 🙂  Now for the good, the bad, & the incredibly hot!!!!  Any guesses 🙂

Aaron and Karina finally made the comeback we were all waiting for…well at least, I was waiting for!  It was so nice to see him as a ‘men’ rather than a wild ‘boy’ from the past two weeks!  His technique this week was outstanding but the only thing that got was his wrists!  For instances, at the beginning of the dance when he has his hands behind his back, his wrists need to be tighter and fingers together.  But it’s just a little thing 🙂

All the dancers did a good job this week so it was hard deciding who to put in the bad stop but I’m going to have to go with Anna and Michael again this week. I just can’t get down with these two. I don’t know what it is about them but I will say Anna’s choreography was MUCH better this time around!

The only pair that I thought would fit here is Chelsie and Louie because of their chemistry. I think these dance very well together and this weeks scores did not do them justice. I understand what the judges mean when they say Louie walks instead of dances. However, for the Argentine Tango, I think Louie was right on with the slow steps, long strides, and ankle flicks! The dance itself could have been sexier but I think Chelsie is playing hard to get with Louie 😉

October 21, 2009 I Written By


After catching up on last nights dwts, I am left baffled.  I can’t pinpoint what is disappointing me at the moment but it was a weird night, I feel like.  I didn’t enjoy the country two-step.  I thought the couples that did the dance, danced it to the best of their abilities and had fun with it but I don’t think the dance fits with DWTS at all.  My favorite was Chelsie and Louie…who doesn’t love those two 🙂

I kind of like the Charleston.  I get that it is a 20s dance and everyone that danced it really got into character.  I think Mark’s choreography was brilliant and it fit Melissa to a tee!  I LOVED kim’s outfit!  There’s nothing better than a red flapper dress with a matching head piece!

I liked the Bolero….nothing really stood out to me except that it was really, really slow.   My favorite was Alec and Natalie!  I really enjoy watching Natalie.  I don’t know what it is about her but she’s amazing and she looks amazing when she dances…..minus her arms!  But I’m sure Alec will fix them in the weeks to come!

I kind of liked the lambada.  It was sexy and fun and Derek was shirtless so what else could you ask for!  I didn’t like Joanna’s dress though…the fringe was too long and I would have liked to see the color more vibrant!

Overall, though, none of the styles really WOWED me…but I am excited to get back to the paso doble next week 🙂  So here we go for this weeks….

I debated between Natalie and Mya for this spot because they both danced beautifully and nailed their choreography!  However, I am going to go with Natalie because part of the reason that I love her is that dancing doesn’t come natural to her.  I love seeing her progression from week to week and I thought this week her footwork was outstanding!  Her arms kill me every week but with Bruno pointing it out the way he did I’m sure it’ll get fixed 🙂

I don’t have that many things to say about Michael and Anna except that there just isn’t any chemistry between the two of them.  I know this is Anna’s first season on the show but I agree with the judges that she is not putting enough dancing into the routines.  Maybe it’s because Michael can only do so much…that wouldn’t surprise.  But I think she can put a few more elements in there!

Joanna and Derek…hands down!  Who did not love that dance!  I loved that he was shirtless 🙂  Most of all, you could tell that they were having such a great time!  Derek always has the most amazing choreography and Joanna picks up on it quickly.  She performs very well and I can’t wait to see what they bring for the weeks to come!

October 13, 2009 I Written By


Last night I was all kinds of weird with a little bit of fun!  Len is starting to drive me crazy….his judging and critiques are all over the place.  I wonder what he sees when the pros & celebs dance!  Whatever it may be he’s still part of the crazy judging panel that ranks/scores our precious dancers!

At least the costumes were on point!  I absolutely LOVED Chelsie’s dress and Louie’s latin hair 🙂  Natalie sparkled in her outfit and Melissa made quite the comeback from last weeks polka dots!  Debi was a little out there but out of all the outfits, that being the worst, not such a bad night!

Now on to the good, the bad, and the incredibly hot!!

Mya and Dmitry are so darn cute together but I really wish they had more chemistry! I don’t know what is holding Mya back from fully committing herself to Dmitry but I hope they figure it out because her technique is AMAZING!

For once I’m not even tempted to put Tom Delay in this spot! But it’s Michael Irvin this week…I think he wants it but the samba got the best of him this week. He fell out of the dance a couple of times and never could recover.

I had to watch Chelsie and Louie’s rumba several times because it was so hot!! Now, he doesn’t have the best technique but chemistry is what sells and boy do he and Chelsie have chemistry! And the kiss in the middle of the dance…so cute 🙂 I think they deserved a higher score but I’m sure they’ll surprise us again next week!!!!

October 6, 2009 I Written By


I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt like things were very off this week. The costumes were all over the place….Lacey and her one strap of faux fur, Tony and Kathy not even matching with red and purple, Chelsie’s jean jacket with a green studded bra and a red skirt, Aaron’s green ensemble, Melissa and Mark I don’t even have words for!. However, I LOVED Derek and Joanna’s black/motorcycle get up, Louis’s tee with a over sized black jacket, Mya’s amazing tasseled dress, Anna T’s black costume which was a play off one of Karina’s costumes from last season.

Holy Smokes Aaron Carter! I knew he could dance but this was so entertaining! His technique was above par and the muppets was a nice touch!

Oh Kathy…she is so beautiful and elegant but not very rhythmic. She never found that connection with Toni and she never grasped onto the concept of what each dance should in tale.

Donny Osmond, hands down, had the best routine of the night! Kym really knows how to choreography a piece that is going to WOW the audience and still be technically up to par!

September 30, 2009 I Written By


Holy Smokes!  I was totally blown away by celebs that I thought wouldn’t last very long…Kelly Osbourne!  Where did she come from!  I was so touched by her performance and she looked beautiful!  Aaron Carter…what!  I knew he had rhythm but I think it’s a combination of him not be a little kid anymore and taking on such a sexy dance!  Louie Vito…those eyes!  He has great potential and he and Chelsie are adorable together!  I never thought Macy Gray was going to be funny!  And Heidi…Props to your man Derek and Joanna!  HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!  Even Debi Mazar was a surprise!  Her arms killed me the entire night but her and Maks together could be a force to reckon with! 

I have to go with Kelly and Louis’ first dance!  It was so precious and the most technically correct dance!  Her foot work was surprising remarkable and I couldn’t help smile throughout the entire performance because she was so elegant!

I have no problem putting Tom Delay here!  I really hate that Cheryl goes from Gilles to Tom!  Tom has a great heart and wants to do well, you can see that.  But, he just doesn’t have any stamina, rhythm, strength, or musicality. 

For me, this spot was a toss up between Joanna and Aaron because they both showed sexiness and nailed the hip action that the Latin dances required of them!  However, I am going to go with Derek and Joanna because she was so fluid and completely connected with the audience the whole time!  Her hips were on fire, her lines were incredible, her footwork was there, and you could tell she had a lot of fun!

September 23, 2009 I Written By


The salsa has only been around since season 7 so there’s slim pickings for this edition but still enough to educate on what a salsa should in tale or not  in tale for that matter!

Season 8: Gilles Marini
How can you not love watching Gilles shake it!  Latin dances are all about the hip movements and shoulder shakes!  I think Gilles nailed both of those aspects while being an incredible frame for Cheryl!

Season 7: Cody Linley
Okay, this is a TERRIBLE salsa but you can clearly see that Cody has no hip action go on and no shoulder shakes that are exceptional!  He had great enthusiasm but not enough technique.

Season 7: Yesenia Adame & Paul Barris
This is exactly what a salsa should look like!  Now I know celebs will hardly ever look like this but this is HOT!

September 18, 2009 I Written By


Today’s edition is dedicated to the Viennese Waltz and the Foxtrot. I am not a ballroom girl, I much prefer the Latin dances; however, these are week one dances and I want everyone to be prepared to know what to look for 🙂

Season 4: Laila Ali; Viennese Waltz
Laila was never my favorite dancer but she was a joy to watch because she always wanted to do her best! Maks really pushed her and that’s how she got to level that she got to 🙂 Laila has beautiful lines in this elegant dance and amazing foot work throughout! This is one of Mak’s best choreo pieces!



Season 7: Brooke Burke; Viennese Waltz
I can’t say enough good things about Brooke!  She was by far the most talented of the season 7 cast and Derek really took advantage of that with all of his choreo.  I loved that Derek showcased her beautiful lines as much as he could!  She really does look like a pro 🙂

Season 4: Joey Fatone; Foxtrot
Joey was a great surprise on the dance floor!  We know he has ‘boy-band’ dancing skills but never would I have imagined his ballroom/latin skills!  I was very impressed with his foot technique.  I find that the guys have more difficulty grasping the technique concepts but he always was light on his feet and very precise!  Kym gave him a great choreo piece here!


Season 7: Brooke Burke; Foxtrot
Just like her Viennese Waltz, Brooke is beautiful in the Foxtrot!  You really can’t get better than Brooke’s technique with Derek’s Choreo!

Season 5: Josie Maran; Viennese Waltz
The thing with Josie is that she was on her heels the whole time!  This makes a dancer look very, very heavy in their foot work!  Another think Josie did was stop her lines at her elbow which takes away from the elegance that the dance is suppose to give off!  She looked beautiful but she didn’t dance beautifully. 


Season 6: Adam Corolla; Foxtrot
I feel like Adam tried to do his best while on the show but I also feel like he thought it was a joke.  I felt like he was always more concerned with being funny than becoming a decent dancer!  His biggest down fall in this dance is walking the steps rather than dancing the steps. 

Season 4: Foxtrot
Not my favorite pro dance to watch because of the style but it’s still very nicely done.


Look for the Salsa Edition tomorrow!  What dances are you predicting I show 🙂

September 17, 2009 I Written By


It’s time for another edition of THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE INCREDIBLY HOT!  All of your comments are SOOOOO helpful when I’m putting together this post and I’m kicking myself right now for not remember the hottest paso thus far!


Season 8: Ty Murray; Waltz
I am well aware that Ty was never an amazing dancer but he had so much heart!  From all 8 seasons…he has the biggest heart and desire to do well 🙂  This was my favorite dance of his

Season 8: Steve-O; Foxtrot
Sticking with the Season 8 trend, I’ve chosen Steve-O’s fox trot for a number of reasons.  First of all, clearly he was always one (or two) steps behind Lacey which was clearly noticeable at all times.  Also, we know that he was hurt from the week before and we could see it on his face which is unfortunate because he has so much heart!  I loved all of his comments about being able to do this without getting high!  I think Lacey was a great partner for him but he just didn’t have the technique to go along with the heart 🙁

Season 8: Paso Doble
I love the three ladies and Derek in this dance!  They are so precise and on point all of the time!  Derek is, hands down, the hottest dancer and Julianne, Chelsie, and Lacey have got to be three of the sexiest pros on the show! 

September 14, 2009 I Written By

Choreography with Cheryl and Maks!

Princess Heidi made an excellent point about my last post: The good, the bad, and the incredible hot choreography, stating that I was talking more about the execution than the actual choreography!  And I do agree…all the pros are phenomenal choreographers and it really is up to the celebrities to pull it off.  Therefore, when I talk about the choreography of the dances, I am referring to the technical aspect of how well the celebrities pull off the pros choreography! 

Season 8: Gilles Marini, Argentine Tango
Cheryl is one of my favorite choreographers on the show!  I think this dance clearly shows what an argentine tango is supposed to be 🙂  Slow then fast and always sexy!  Gilles did an amazing job playing the part and partnered Cheryl very well!


Season 8: Denise Richards, Samba
Maks is an amazing dancer and choreographer!  I’m also a big fan of Denise Richards so I was excited about this pairing!  However, Denise could never pick up the musicality of Maks’ choreography!  She doesn’t have any hip action and her footing was always one step behind Maks’!


Wade Robeson has got to be one of the greatest choreographers of all time!  I absolutely love this piece he created and we have some of SYTYCD alums!


What other dances are you guys interested in seeing!  Look for the next post on Monday or tweet me (JeanneSchrodt) with ideas 🙂

September 3, 2009 I Written By