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Pure Dancing with the Stars 2011 Poll Results

As many long time readers know, we’ve had a pretty good track record of predicting the results of Dancing with the Stars using a poll on Pure DWTS. Turns out that we have a large enough readership that it generally does a good job of representing the viewership of the show (or at least the viewership that votes on DWTS).

We could go back to past seasons of DWTS, but even this season our poll predicting the DWTS 2011 final 3 was spot on (sorry Ralph fans).

We also posted a poll near the beginning of Dancing with the Stars season 12 to see who would win the mirror ball trophy. Here’s an image of the results:

I’d have to say that it’s pretty amazing how accurate it’s been. Chris ended up leaving before Kendra and Ralph left instead of Chelsea. Although, considering the 15 points extra that Chelsea got, I wonder if we would have been spot on with Ralph in the top 3 if DWTS hadn’t thrown that wrench in the process.

It’s also worth noting that the Pure DWTS readers predicted Hines and Kym to win it all really early on.

Vogue posted a poll about 5 days ago predicting who people wanted as the Dancing with the Stars 2011 winner of the final 3 and here are the results of that poll:

Based on those poll results, I think it’s quite clear that Hines and Kym have this mirror ball trophy in the bag. Plus, it looks reasonable for Kirstie to be in second place and pass up Chelsea. There you have it. Will the Pure DWTS readers polls predict the Dancing with the Stars season 12 winner? I’m feeling pretty good about this prediction.

May 24, 2011 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Vote for the Dancing with the Stars 2011 Final 3

I usually do more polls as the DWTS season progresses, but this year I’ve been kind of busy. However, at this point in the competition it’s a lot of fun to see who readers of Pure DWTS think will be in the top 3. This should provide some interesting results to compare with Courtney’s DWTS power rankings. You can vote for up to 3 couples from DWTS season 12. Tomorrow after we know the final 3 I’ll post another poll where you can vote for who you think will be the Dancing with the Stars Season 12 winner.

Time to vote!

May 16, 2011 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.