Dancing with the Stars Podcast

We’ve been covering Dancing with the Stars from all sorts of angles here on Pure Dancing with the Stars. However, one thing we’ve never posted on this site is a Dancing with the Stars podcast. It turns out that there really aren’t that many Dancing with the Stars podcasts out there. TC from Popcorn N Roses contacted me about his new Dancing with the Stars podcast called Mirrorball Mayhem. So, I told I’d be happy to post his DWTS Preview podcast and see what people thought. So, you’ll find embedded below the 46 minute preview podcast to Dancing with the Stars:

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of podcasts personally since I don’t have 46 minutes to sit and listen to one. So, let me know what you think of the podcast. Beware that the 2 people doing the podcast do have their favorites and it shows. I guess that’s alright since we generally all have our favorites.