Misty May-Treanor Dancing with the Beach Girlz

Misty May-Treanor shows off her dance moves with the Beach Girlz and Casey Jennings can’t help but join in along with her. This makes for an interesting preview of what Misty dancing with Maks on Dancing with the Stars will be like. Ok, probably not, but can you imagine if she makes it to the finals and does a freestyle?

This is a nice little video clip of Misty May and Maks on ET (amidst the Kim Kardashian video). The best part is that I think this video debunks the myth that Misty May-Treanor has had formal dance training. All she’s doing is freestyle stuff and may have learned one or two moves from the Beach Girlz. When you see the above dance video, there shouldn’t be any question about whether Misty May has had any dance training.