PureDWTS Exclusive: Sharna Burgess Discusses Charlie White, Choreographing, Teases On New Dance, And Lots More

Give it up to Sharna Burgess! Even with her super tight schedule currently, she took some time to answer some fun questions from our readers about Dancing With The Stars. She answers questions about partner Charlie White and their challenges, choreographing, and how she gets inspired. She also answers questions about the judging this season, costuming, and the non-standard footwear seen in rehearsals. She also teases us with some hints on she and Charlie’s new dance and how Charlie’s hair will be fixed (which I think will be perfect for a Paso!). She’s also seen Maks and Meryl’s new dance and says it’s amazing. Lots lots more below!! Sharna, from the bottom of our our hearts, thank you so much for another fantastic interview and good luck Monday night!!!xxx

From Figamentation:
On how you approach your partners differently, do you feel even more challenged to harness all of the potential Charlie has, or was there greater pressure to compensate for Andy’s shortcomings?

That’s a great question!! Every partner is going to be different, and so each season my first week is based around discovering their strengths, weaknesses and most importantly breaking down walls and building trust. For us to create something amazing we have to be completely comfortable with each other and have great trust and communication, just like any relationship.

As far as being challenged with Charlie, or the pressure with Andy? I think I would reverse it. With Andy I was certainly challenged to find ways to keep our routines as simple as possible for him, but without losing the entertainment factor as that was his strength. With Charlie, I can creatively and choreographically do most things given time to work on them. Also teaching for me is a passion, not a challenge. But!! With great talent like his comes great expectation, and I feel the biggest pressure is the one I put on myself. I’m constantly asking myself “is it enough?” I want him to be as amazing as you expect and then some! Read more..