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PureDWTS Poll: Who is Your Favorite “One-And-Done” Pro?

They got one season to show us their stuff as a pro – and then we never saw them (as a pro) again.  They’re the pros whose tenure on DWTS was woefully short, and for some of them, we wonder if things had been different if they had gotten a different partner, or had a bit more experience, etc. etc. etc. But I keep seeing a few names in particular that seem to pop up in the comments section, and it got me thinking: is it time for TPTB to revisit some of these names as pros again? Let’s hear what you think – which one of these one-and-done pros was your favorite? And which one would you like to see as a pro again?

For me, it was a no-brainer: Sasha.  I think the dude’s only shortcoming (no pun intended) is that he’s simply too small in stature to be a suitable partner for the bulk of the female celebs that get cast.  After seeing how great of a substitute partner he was to Nastia last season, and how he does whatever is asked of him without complaint – I’m convinced that we could see AMAZING things out of Sasha as a pro, if they would only give him another shot.  I hear the Olsen twins are short…and not really up to much these days 😉

Oddly enough, the other pro I found myself curious about was Anna Demidova – I remember that she actually was quite good with Michael Irvin, and seemed to be a teacher that was very good at communicating with and motivating her partner.  Found myself thinking of Gleb, too – he may not have really shined terribly brightly with Lisa, but once he moved over to DWTS Russia I think he really hit a nice stride.  Would he be able to hang with our pros, though? Who knows…

How did you vote?

August 6, 2015 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.

Dance of the Day… Let’s watch the One Hit Wonder Pros…

That’s not really a good way to describe them…. But, I had the most difficult weekend imaginable, a most horrid nightmare…. But, I know that there are worse nightmares out there, but this one is pretty difficult to get through right now for me…. And that is all about that.

Throughout the seasons that I’ve watched DWTS (beginning season 3), there are some pros that I wanted to see more, and have been disappointed that they haven’t returned, beyond one season. Since I didn’t watch the first two seasons, I can’t focus on any of those pros AT THIS TIME!

We start in Season 7, with INNA BREYER!! She was a brand new pro that season, and paired with Ted McGinley, if I remember, the same season that we met Lacey. She was on the show for only one week, but had 2 performance shows. That was the season that they all performed on Night One, and then slowly announced who was safe…. They had everyone out before each number, and announced one by one, the pair who would be dancing next…. Creating a LOT of drama and unnecessary pressure (in my mind, anyway) on all of the remaining pairs. The pair left standing at the end went home without dancing a second time.

Here’s her second dance with Ted, they danced the Mambo to “Mambo Gozon” by Tito Puente. They scored a 6,6,7 for 19 points. And, they did not return for week 2, which was very disappointing for me, because I wouid STILL love to see more of Inna, I think she did quite well with Ted. I did like her more than Lacey.

Next…. Remember Fabian Sanchez??? He was on for only Season 6, with Marlee Matlin. I loved this pair, and I thought that each week they remained, they were a triumph! It seems that Fabian is what I think a professional on the show should be…. He was encouraging, he was thoughtful of his partner, he had wonderful choreography…. And so much more. I’ve been disappointed that he didn’t return after Season 6. I still think that he embodies what this show has always been about….He was given a partner who had a big handicap on the show, since she is the only one to compete, that’s not been able to hear the music…. He was able to teach her the musicality, and the dance, without hearing. Quite an accomplishment, in my book.

I chose to show you Season 6, Week 4, with Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez, they danced the Viennese Waltz to “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel…. Solely because I sat here at my computer and cried while watching again. They scored an 8,8,8 for 24 points.

Last up for today, Damian Whitewood…. Damian first came to our attention in Season 10, paired with Pamela Anderson…. I will admit right now, that Pamela and Damian were not my favorite pair of the season, but they did impress me,,,, I loved how well that Pamela was able to totally embody each and every character of each and every dance that they did on the show….. To me, she will stand out as one of the best character dancers…. Even if she didn’t get the technique, no one could ever fault her character…. And obviously, they loved dancing with each other, because they paired up for another dance series, and our wonderful friend Carlos brought it to our attention….. They performed on a similar series from Argentina (and Wiki says it’s NOT related to DWTS or SCD at all, but will defer to our wonderful Carlos for the last word on this…) called Bailando por un Sueño

Maybe Carlos could find a video that he likes from Pamela and Damian, from this series, and we can add it? And… could we learn more about it?

I chose the Argentine Tango for Pamela and Damian… Here is Season 10, Week 6… Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood, dancing to “Enjoy the Silence” by Tanghetto. They gota 7,7,8 for 22 points, plus 8 points from the swing dance marathon, for a grand total of 30 points for that week.

So… That’s it for now!!!! Is there someone else you would love to reminisce about? Care to share? Which pros that we haven’t seen in a while would you like to remember and dream about in an upcoming post? Is there a dance style you’d love to see more of, and which would you like to see again?

August 18, 2011 I Written By

Just a typical, ordinary DWTS fan..

Dancing with the Stars – History of the Judges Scores, Part 2

Part 2 in my series about the Judges Scoring History covers season 6 of Dancing with the Stars; the season of Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas (read Part 1 here). Prior to re-watching the season, I remembered it as a season in which Kristi dominated. I don’t think, anymore, that that is necessarily the case. She is still probably the biggest ringer the show has ever cast, when looking at it from a fanbase AND experience point of view, but she didn’t dominate the show in like I remember. I also never got the feeling – like I did with Nicole – that the judges were purposely underscoring her in order to make it look more like a horse race. In fact, I have very few gripes with the judging in this season, period.

Here were the scores from Week 5, onward:

Season 6 Weekly Scores (Part I)

Celebrity Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Kristi 29 (Rumba) 30 (Jive) 26 (V. Waltz) 29 (Quickstep)
28 (Cha Cha) 26 (Samba)
Jason 27 (Rumba) 24 (Cha Cha) 29 (Quickstep) 29 (Tango)
26 (Paso Doble) 23 (Samba)
Christian 23 (Rumba) 27 (Foxtrot) 25 (V. Waltz) 28 (Tango)
21 (Samba) 29 (Mambo)
Marissa 24 (Samba) 26 (V. Waltz) 27 (Tango) 25 (Foxtrot)
25 (Rumba) 25 (Mambo)
Mario 27 (Samba) 28 (Rumba) 24 (Foxtrot) 27 (V. Waltz)
27 (Mambo) 26 (Jive)
Shannon 23 (Samba) 24 (Rumba) 27 (Tango)
24 (Rumba)
Marlee 22 (Samba) 21 (Mambo)
Priscilla 21 (Rumba)

Season 6 Weekly Scores (Part II)

Celebrity Week 9 Week 10 Week Finale
Kristi 29 (Tango) 30 (Cha Cha) 30 (Jive)
28 (Jive) 30 (Freestyle)
Jason 28 (Foxtrot) 24 (Cha Cha) 30 (Quickstep)
27 (Paso Doble) 27 (Freestyle)
Christian 27 (V.Waltz) 26 (Cha Cha)
29 (Samba) 26 (Freestyle)
Marissa 26 (Quickstep)
26 (Rumba)

– Week 5 – The judges essentially raved about Mario and Kristi, while all the rest got constructive criticism. I think the judges gave Marissa an accurate score, but were quite harsh on Priscilla and Shannon. Both of them, in addition to Christian, were underscored, particularly when compared to Marissa. Christian, frankly, was robbed. They gave the encore to Kristi, but I was shocked to realize that, IMO, the best dance of the night belonged to Edyta and Jason.

– Week 6 – Here we see, again, a bit of over-scoring – Christian had been in the bottom 2 the previous week, so this week he gets raves on a dance that clearly seemed rushed to me. Again, Mario and Kristi get raves, and Marissa gets handled with kid gloves. Marissa isn’t a “bad” dancer, per se, but she isn’t as good as Shannon or Pricilla. I often think that if you dance better than the judges expect, you get better scores than people who danced better – if those people are expected to dance better. Follow me? Anyway, Mario would have gotten a higher score if not for the lift police. I don’t disagree with the judges and Shannon’s hips (she has none, lucky beyotch), but the words exchanged with Bruno were quite harsh – the look of utter shock on Shannon’s face was hard to look at and that shock is a likely catalyst for what comes later…but more on that later.

– Week 7 – This is the week where everyone has one good dance and one not so good dance. And that pretty much sums it up. I would say there’s a trend between this season and Season 5, but it can likely be chalked up to the first week with two whole dances. The only scoring that impressed me as off (other than Marissa) was Jason. As much as I loved him, I thought he was slightly overscored in his quickstep. I just don’t get the love affair they have with Marissa. I mean, she’s not a “bad” dancer, but I don’t think she’s always worthy of the scores she gets. I think she might be getting the “personality” score.

– Week 8 – A week later than Season 5, we hear the old mantra of “that was good, but not quite good enough for heading into the semi-finals. Marissa got it, as did Jason on his second dance. Christian did not get the talk, he actually got raves and this was the week after he tore his tendon in his arm. He actually did very well, but I thought that he was not as good as Mario who was scored lower. Kristi got her usual raves although she and Mario both got some flack for their second dances. Kristi because her Samba was “awkward and out of control” – and I absolutely agreed with that assessment. WAY too much stuff in that dance. Mario’s feet were apparently bad or “rough” – but still, better than Christian. While I agreed with Jason’s critiques, there is no way he was 3 points behind Kristi in the second dance. As for Marissa, she is far below the other dancers in terms of quality.

– Week 9 – Marissa gets a break (a little) on the scores, much like the semi-final ease up in Season 5. She still gets a good bit of criticism (lack of body content in hold, missed leap on the run), including the “It’s not a semi-final dance” for the second one. But her quickstep was pretty good, so I can see the improvement in score. On the other hand, Kristi, Christian and Jason all get basically rave reviews with minor critiques thrown in. Kristi got the “too hectic” from Len on her Tango (agreed) and the “hair out of sync” from Carrie Ann on her Jive (agreed) – which was really Mark out dancing her a bit, like he has a tendency to do with all his partners on Jive. Christian was “occasionally flatfooted” on his Viennese Waltz. I take it back, Jason was not critiqued at all and in my notes I have the words “slightly over rated” for his Paso Doble. That’s okay, because I have “underscored” next to his Foxtrot. 🙂

This is a random note, but I noticed that Marissa got harder dances, while Kristi got dances that were perfect for her. The dances on this night were determined by “random draw” and I always wonder about those and if they are REALLY random. At the end of the night I also felt that Jason out danced Kristi, even though she beat him by two points.

– Week 10 – Jason and Christian are pretty much left in Kristi’s dust. She is the most consistent and technically superior of the three so that’s no big thing. Not much point in discussing the scoring, although I will say that Christian’s injury does catch up with him – I didn’t get the feeling there was underscoring going on to prop up Kristi. As for Jason – the Cha Cha was clearly not his dance, especially not in a “cha cha challenge” where they all dance to the same song one after the other. Not that Kristi needed propping. I predicted as soon as her name was announced that she would win. She’s *Kristi Yamaguchi* after all.

Season 6 Summary – On finale night, Christian is announced as 3rd place before there is anymore dancing. After that, both Kristi and Jason are given perfect 30’s – pretty safe, since Kristi is still 9 points ahead. I didn’t note whether I found Jason’s score to be valid or not, since it really didn’t matter at that point. No one is going to over come a 9 point lead against Kristi. That’s not to say the scores weren’t valid – they were. I had very few problems with how this season went down. No real surprises. No shocks. They did make a point, from time to time of saying that a dance wasn’t up to par for a given point in the season – which is how it should be.

Random Observations:

  • Christian and Jason’s bromance is the sweetest thing about this season.
  • Kristi wasn’t the phenom that I remember her to be. She’s very, VERY good, but I actually enjoyed Christian and Jason more, from an entertainment standpoint.
  • Week 8 this season was the first non-bottom 2 reveal.  I’m waiting to see what season they do away with it altogether and if it becomes obvious WHY they do it.
  • Len did his Master Class with the remaining couples in Week 9 – I had forgotten how hilarious he can be. This one ends with him in a limo with Kym. 🙂
  • Mark DIDN’T have polka dots in Kristi’s 1st Jive costume other than her hair bow – yes, you know this is remarkable if you’ve been paying attention. He did succumb to the polka dots for their jive in the semis.
  • Derek hurts his neck, then gets food poisoning, then has a meltdown with Shannon the confessional – who was saying he’s never been challenged?? 🙂 Anyway, the meltdown – they apologized over and over and over and both seemed to regret it. Somehow, that got lost in the discussions of the subject well after the fact.
  • This season had one of the great Pro Dances that seem to have faded away in the seasons since.
  • February 27, 2011 I Written By

    I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

    Dancing with the Stars – Who Wore it Better, Part VI

    Alright kids…another week, another batch of 7 costumes to compare, contrast, and critique! And I know you all don’t agree wholeheartedly with everything Heidi & I have to say, so please…speak up.  Show us that you give a damn 😉 (Heidi: I’m in a really bad mood because this is turning into a 60 hour work week. Warning, warning!!)

     And again, many, many thanks to Marcela in Brazil for sending us a plethora of pictures of dittoed costumes that she found 😉 Você é maravilhosa, Marcela!

    Battle of the purple & pink heavily-stoned ballgown: Kim’s “Pink Panther” foxtrot with Mark in season 7 vs. Chelsie’s preseason photo shoot in season 8

    Courtney: As much as I don’t particularly care for Kim’s personality (especially her rather blasé demeanor while she was on the show), I think this suits Kim’s complexion and hair color better than it does Chelsie – seems to make her look ruddy.  But definitely one of my favorite ballgowns they’ve ever had on the show – love the color combo and just the simplicity of the cut. 

    Heidi: I think it shortens Chelsie’s body too much – maybe the ankle length?? Or maybe just the pose. And I agree, it definitely goes better with the darker hair and completion on Kim.

    The winner: Kim, in spite of her personality.

    Battle of the yellow, cut-out, feathered Latin dress: Brooke in the samba smackdown in season 7 vs. Cheryl in the pro dance to Robin Thicke in season 8

    Heidi: This is a stupid dress. I don’t like yellow, I don’t like the cutouts, I don’t like it on either of them. :::stamps feet::::  😉

    Courtney: Now I love yellow – but the cut of this dress is just silly-looking to me.  Makes both ladies look like Tweety Bird or something.  It also doesn’t do justice to professional American rhythm competitor Jaana Lillemagi. But since we’ve already determined that Cheryl can pull off yellow with her skin tone, I’m gonna go with her.

    The winner: Despite Heidi’s temper tantrum, Cheryl looks the best as a cartoon canary. 😉

    Battle of the royal blue satin cut-out Latin dress: Julianne’s cha-cha with Apolo in season 4 vs. Anna in the pro paso demo in season 8

    Courtney: This dress is just extremely odd to me – doesn’t really feel like a Latin dress or a ballgown.  And Anna, you know I love you to bits, but man – you look GHASTLY in this dress.  I feel like it just makes Anna look pale, and something about the cut of it adds pounds to her otherwise flawless figure.  It’s not terrible on Julianne, per se; it’s just kind of a non-event.  Not bad, but not great.  So I’ll go with Julianne.

    Heidi: Boy, you’re reading my mind here. This dress’s structure is not flattering to either girl. Luckily for Julianne, she comes off a bit better, due mainly due to the pose. Anna, who has a perfect figure, looks almost like she has a spare tire. It’s that stupid vertical pit of fabric, I think, combined with the straight cut across the hips.

    The winner: Julianne by a pose.

    Battle of the sparkly, gold, long-sleeve romper: Julianne’s freestyle with Helio in season 5 vs. Karina’s pro dance with Derek to Selena Gomez in season 9

    Heidi: Well, I have mad love for Karina’s partner, plus I think it suits her hair and skin tone better. 😉

    Courtney: CAMEL TOE ALERT!!! Ladies, this is why skin-tight rompers should just be avoided altogether – it’s hard to mask this dreaded fashion faux pas.  It makes it hard for me to even really like this costume on either lady – but since it’s not quite so visible on Karina, I’m giving this one to her.

    Heidi: Well I think that most of what you’re seeing is a function of fabric, camera angle and shadow. I don’t think there is a true camel toe (and god, even typing those words makes me throw up in my mouth a bit – thanks, Court).

    Courtney: Camel toe is no laughing matter, my friend! Hehe 😉

    The winner: Karina, by a hotter partner and better angle.

    Battle of the pink, fringy, sparkly Latin dress: Kym’s jive with Mark in season 5 vs. Marlee’s preseason photo shoot with Fabian in season 6

    Courtney: Wow, what a difference lighting makes! I can assure you all that this is indeed the same dress – the lighting from Marlee’s photo shoot just really washes out the otherwise vibrant neon pink that we see in Kim’s jive. I’m not particularly wowed by the dress on either lady.  So again, I default to my wise cohort on this one 😉

    Heidi: Kym. Kym all the way. Better boobage, better lighting, a face full of joy. 😉

    The winner: Kym by default.

    Battle of the black & white, sparkly patterned ballgown: Melissa’s foxtrot with Tony in season 8 vs. Anna in the pro dance to Michael Buble in season 9

    Heidi: This is a pretty dress – I dig it. It looks good on both ladies, but I have to go with Anna, mainly because her shoes match better and I like her hair better. I don’t like the tight style that Melissa is wearing.

    Courtney: I’ve got to give this one to Anna – like with Lacey & the zebra dress last week, the little “pop” of color of her red hair just seems to pair better with the black & white of the dress than Melissa’s darker hair. 

    The winner: Anna!! By a hair…and a shoe.

    Battle of the red, sparkly, ruffle-y, cut-out Latin dress: Marlee’s cha-cha with Fabian in season 6 vs. Shawn’s preseason photo shoot with Mark in season 8

    Courtney: Either I’m just getting sick of commenting on costumes (doubtful 😉 ) or I’ve seen this dress before – or rather, several dresses that seem nearly the same.  What is it with the costume department and red, ruffle-y, sparkly Latin dresses for the ladies? It’s becoming almost cliché. I guess I pick Shawn for this one – for once, the overall look of a dress actually seems more “finished” the 2nd go-round than it did for the first!

    Heidi: Whoa. Marlee is WHITE. Way too white. Distractingly white. Gotta go with Shawn for her tan and her ear rings.

    The winner: Shawn by a tan.


    You know you love lookin’ at costumes.  So why not quell your appetite for fashion by reviewing parts I, II, III, IV, & V while you wait for next week’s edition? 😉

    August 12, 2010 I Written By

    Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.

    Another DWTS Pro Crosses Over to So You Think You Can Dance!!

    Congratulations to Fabian Sanchez!! I assume that Marlee knows of what she Tweets. 🙂 Nice gig for a guy who’s been under utilized by DWTS.

    June 14, 2010 I Written By

    I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

    DWTS 10 Kate & Tony Dance Comparison

    After watching “Movie Night” on Dancing with the Stars, I realized that there were several songs used this season that were recycled from previous seasons.

    Since this past week Kate Gosselin was eliminated, I decided to post up her “recycled” dances first. Not only Kate & Tony’s dances, but the previous celeb and pro to have danced them…

    Below are two dances done to the song She’s Always a Woman Billy Joel - The Essential Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel… both done as a Viennese Waltz

    Season 6: Marlee Matlin & Fabian Sanchez

    Season 10: Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani Read more..

    April 22, 2010 I Written By

    My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

    Pure DWTS Sponsors A Dancer

    A month or so ago I was approached by a young dancer named Caroline who was looking for sponsorship in some upcoming competitions. I was familiar with her as a contributor to Pure Derek Hough; she had met both Derek Hough and Mark Ballas through her dance studio which is a Fred Astaire Studio owned and operated by Fabian Sanchez, a former professional on Dancing with the Stars.  As a result, she had a lot of great pictures of Derek that she contributed to the site, in addition to writing a blog about meeting the guys.  So, through Pure Derek Hough, Caroline and I got to be friends and I wanted to help her out, as much as I could.

    As you might imagine, dance instruction and competition is often prohibitively expensive. As a result, many young people with talent don’t ever get a chance to develop and nuture that talent, let alone compete in ballroom competitions.  Instruction alone is more than a dollar per minute, in many cases.  At a local level, competition can be more than $45 per dance – if you advance, it can get up into the hundreds of dollars per competition. And you’ve seen the costuming!  As a result, John and I have come up with a plan – we’re going to continue sponsoring Caroline and we’re going to do it in conjunction with Pure DWTS.  One of the first things cut in any school or community are the arts – we think that is a huge shame and a great loss to the community and the people who live in it.

    You will see a logo on the upper right hand side of the page that says “Pure DWTS Merchandise” or you can click over to our Pure DWTS Store.  At this store you can buy Pure DWTS related merchandise at surprisingly low prices. Here’s an example of one of the t-shirts:

    We’re going to donate a percentage of proceeds from sales at the store, in addition to a certain amount of our personal income from the site as necessary, in order to sponsor Caroline – and possibly other young dancers, if the program is successful. Consider this a trial balloon to see if we can get a dancing sponsorship going here – we don’t have much money, but we want to help, so your participation will mean we can help more dancers.

    The great news is that Caroline had some success recently in competition – she won the junior division of  Birmingham Ballroom Challenge held by Kasia Kozak and this past May she won the Magic City Invitational. I’ve included some pictures, with her permission, below:

    8-8aug 88_8august 8- 2

    make custom gifts at Zazzle

    September 25, 2009 I Written By

    I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

    Dancing with the Stars Tour 2008 Dates and Locations

    The 2008 Dancing with the Stars Tour dates and locations have been announced. You can purchase tickets to the show on Ticketmaster.

    The following Dancers and professionals are planning to be on tour: Lance Bass, Toni Braxton, Maurice Greene, Marlee Matlin, Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough, Kym Johnson, Alec Mazo, Fabian Sanchez, Lacey Schwimmer, Edyta Sliwinska, and Karina Smirnoff.

    December 2008
    17 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Sports Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    18 – Ontario, CA – Citizens Business Bank Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    19 – San Jose, CA – HP Pavilion – Buy Tickets Online
    21 – Reno, NV – Reno Events Center – Buy Tickets Online
    22 – Sacramento, CA – ARCO Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    27 – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center – Buy Tickets Online
    28 – Glendale, AZ – Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    29 – Las Vegas, NV – Orleans Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    30 – Salt Lake City, UT – E Center – Buy Tickets Online

    January 2009
    2 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center – Buy Tickets Online
    4 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center – Buy Tickets Online
    5 – San Antonio, TX AT&T Center – Buy Tickets Online
    7 – Kansas City, MO – Sprint Center – Buy Tickets Online
    8 – Moline, IL – i wireless Center – Buy Tickets Online
    9 – Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    11 – Detroit, MI – Joe Louis Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    12 – Toronto, Ontario – Air Canada Centre – Buy Tickets Online
    13 – Cleveland, OH – Wolstein Center – Buy Tickets Online
    15 – Indianapolis, IN – Conseco Fieldhouse – Buy Tickets Online
    16 – St. Louis, MO – Scottrade Center – Buy Tickets Online
    17 – Cincinnati, OH – US Bank Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    18 – Columbus, OH – Nationwide Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    20 – Nashville, TN – Sommet Center – Buy Tickets Online
    22 – Tampa, FL – St. Pete Times Forum – Buy Tickets Online
    23 – Sunrise, FL – BankAtlantic Center – Buy Tickets Online
    24 – Orlando, FL – Amway Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    25 – Atlanta, GA – Gwinnett Center – Buy Tickets Online
    27 – Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Coliseum – Buy Tickets Online
    28 – Raleigh, NC – RBC Center – Buy Tickets Online
    29 – Washington, DC – Verizon Center – Buy Tickets Online
    30, 31 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena – Buy Tickets Online

    February 2009
    2 – Providence, RI – Dunkin Donuts Center – Buy Tickets Online
    3 – Wilkes Barre, PA – Wachovia Arena – Buy Tickets Online
    4 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum – Buy Tickets Online
    6 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center – Buy Tickets Online
    7 – Atlantic City, NJ – Boardwalk Hall – Buy Tickets Online
    8 – Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center – Buy Tickets Online

    If you are planning to attend the Dancing with the Stars tour, let us know in the comments. We’d love to have you post your experience going to the tour and any pictures you might take from the tour.

    November 20, 2008 I Written By

    Better known as Charlie.

    Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Couples Predictions

    UPDATE: ABC has announced the official Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast.

    Dancing with the Stars Season 7 hasn’t even started yet, and some of the Dancing with the Stars fans are already starting to predict who the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 couples will be. While I think it’s a bit early for these predictions, I also think that it’s a ton of fun to think about various stars being on the show.

    Take a look at one person’s Dancing with the Stars Season 8 predictions:

    Tim Allen with Kym Johnson
    Cher with Maksim Chmerkovskiy
    Nicolas Cage with Karina Smirnoff
    Hayden Christensen with Julianne Hough
    Jesse Draper with Mark Ballas
    Dale Earnhardt Jr with Cheryl Burke
    Brett Favre with Edyta Sliwinska
    Wynonna Judd with Jonathan Roberts
    Ty Murray with Anna Trebunskaya
    Christina Ricci with Derek Hough
    Brooke Shields with Fabian Sanchez
    Shania Twain with Louis Van Amstel

    My favorites on the list were Tim Allen and Brett Favre. I think they’d be really entertaining to watch. However, I would really really enjoy seeing Shania Twain on the show. A bit like Sarah Evans before, but even more beautiful (if that’s possible).

    September 16, 2008 I Written By

    Better known as Charlie.