Mark Ballas Performs At Feinstein’s, Talks Of DWTS 14 Unknown Partner, The Partner Reveal, and More

Last night, Mark Ballas performed at Feinstein’s at Loews Regency Ballroom in New York City. Photographer Astrid Stawiarz of Getty Images was there to capture some shots from backstage which you can view more of at Zimbio. Olympic skater, Sasha Cohen, was at the event to watch as well which raised my eye brows a little for the way they were tweeting back and forth afterwards. Wouldn’t it be fun to see her dance on Dancing With The Stars? You can see a sweet picture of the two of them together here.

Mark also gave ABC7 an interview before performing at Feinstein’s where he talks about his music and dancing on Dancing With The Stars. If he had to choose between the two, he couldn’t. They remember his time with Bristol Palin on the show and how Mark is still friends with her to this day. At the end of the interview they ask him straight up who his partner will be for Season 14 (without asking him if he’s dancing). Mark smiles and answers that he doesn’t know who his partner will be and that they will find out who they dance with the day before the revealing on Feb. 28th. Does this mean Mark is officially dancing? You be the judge below. He also plugs Jennifer Aniston again.

If you’d like to watch Mark sing, he will be performing a free show at the Mohegan Sun on Friday, Feb. 10th. For details, visit their official site.

ADDING and back to Sasha, below is another tweet she made this morning after this post as posted. Hmmm….

Thanks Sheery! 😉