Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson Covers Front Row Magazine August 2011 (Photo & Interview)

Kym Johnson covers the August issue of Front Row Magazine this month. She’s also interviewed where she dishes on Dancing With The Stars and how important “chemistry” is and more with her partners. She also talks of her future plans, her celebrity crush, and what she can’t live without! Be sure to read more below and at Front Row Magazine as well as viewing more of the photoshoot. She looks amazing!

FRM: Obviously when you are paired up with a new partner, you spend an enormous amount of time with that person rehearsing the dances for each week. People love a good romance, and rumors of romances between dancers and partners seem to pop up every season. In my opinion, that only means that a couple is doing a fantastic job of “acting” the dances and connecting to each other as dance partners. Does that chemistry just have to “be there”? Have you ever had a difficult time creating that chemistry with a partner?

KJ: Chemistry is crucial in a partnership. People want to see that when you are dancing and if you don’t have it, it’s obvious. I have been so lucky with all of my partners. I got along with all of them so well and I am still very good friends with all of my partners. They were really supportive when I was injured this past season. You really do spend so much time together and your partner is relying on you for more than just teaching them dance steps. You have to be a support for them and guide them though the journey. All of the celebrities are so out of their comfort zones and it can be very scary for them.

FRM: The mutual respect between you and your partners is always apparent. You are stunningly beautiful! We are used to seeing you in gorgeous costumes and full make-up, but what is your style off stage? What are your fashion must-haves?

KJ: Thank you so much… People really only see me all made up on the show with lots of hair and make-up and beautiful costumes but my personal style is a lot more relaxed. I love a good pair of jeans and soft t-shirts. You can wear that in the day then throw on some high heels for night. I love sun dresses too.

FRM: August is our Body issue and your body is amazingly toned and beautiful! You appeared in the DVD DWTS Cardio Dance. When it came out, it became the best-selling fitness DVD of all time in the US! We have seen celebrities transform their bodies after appearing on DWTS. It’s no secret that dancing is a great workout, but do you have a fitness routine in addition to the rigorous dance schedule?

KJ: The DWTS Work out DVD is an amazing workout. When I was shooting it, I personally lost 5 pounds in that week. Most celebrities that come on the show end up transforming their bodies completely. Dancing is such a great way to stay fit and it really does give you a total body workout. The DVD is great because you are so focused on the steps that you forget you are working out. When the show is on I don’t have time to do any other exercise and I don’t really need to, as dancing 8 hours a day is quite enough. When the show stops however I get back to my Pilates and back into the gym.