Cheryl Burke On Fullfast Dieting, Bikini Tips, Dating, Dancing With The Stars, and More

Cheryl chats to Celebuzz about representing FullFast, an appetite control spray that helps curb food cravings. Along with giving some bikini and exercising tips, Cheryl also addresses the romance rumors with Maks and dating, and whether she will be back to dance next season on Dancing With The Stars. More at the link as well as info on a Fullfast Giveaway.

We all know you dance, do you do other exercises as well?
I’m a big fan of Jazzercise. Most people think of Jazzercise as their mother’s workout but I have to tell you those DVD’s kick my butt. I can burn up to 600 calories in an hour which is an amazing workout.

Diet is important too! What do you suggest for a healthy snack?
I like to snack on apples, nuts, melon, berries some yogurts but with yogurt you have to remember to check the label because some brands are crazy high in sugars which really derail the healthy aspect.

Romance rumors seem to follow you everywhere! Recently you and Max were supposedly an item. Are you in fact dating anyone now and what do you make of all the rumors?
I’m not dating anyone now. Being in the spotlight I sometimes feel pressure to be in a relationship because then I’d have an answer to this question because it always comes up!

Will you be back on Dancing next season?
We, as pros, never have a guarantee that we’ll be on season after season. It really all depends on the celebrity cast and if they see us as a good match. I hope they ask me back because it’s the best job to have!

Cheryl has so many irons in the fire, I don’t know how she does it all sometimes?