Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas And Cheryl Burke’s ‘Pool After Dark’ Party and More

This past weekend, Mark Ballas and Cherl Burke travelled to Atlantic City, New Jersy to host a Pool Party at the Pool After Dark nightclub inside the Harrah’s Resort. Reality TV caught up with Mark and interviewed on him his plans for the summer (full out promotion for the album), Dancing With The Stars, and his relationship with Pia Toscano. Here’s a take from the link. I like what he says about ballroom dancing and how it’s been revitalized. I hope that is always the case! Check out what he says on Pia too. I think these two are definitely an item unless the two are having a lot of fun feeding the press to keep their careers in the news which wouldn’t surprise me either.

You appear very close with your Dancing with the Stars fellow cast mates, do you share a special bond with them?
Yeah, a lot of us are really close.

How has Dancing with the Stars impacted the world of ballroom dancing?
I think it’s been revitalized. It was really big back in the day, you know Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly kind of thing and then it kind of died out for a minute; I think people kind of forgot about it and I think it’s been a pleasure and an honor for all of us, myself and Cheryl and all the other pros to be a part of a show that’s kind of brought it back to life because it’s fun, it’s a great workout, it’s a great way to get in shape and it’s also good for the soul and it keeps you revitalized so it’s been an honor to be a part of this show.

Are you and Pia Toscano officially an item?
We’re good. We’re good, I’ll give you that! (Laughs)

Adding: You can view Cheryl and Mark dancing at the Pool After Dark Party >>>>HERE .

By the way, we’d like to extend our deepest condolences to the Ballas Family, loved ones, and friends. This past weekend, Mark lost his grandfather George Charles Ballas Sr. Bewitching Ballas has written a great write-up where you can read all about him here. Mark posted this picture of himself, his Dad, and his Grandfather at twitter. Isn’t their resemblance uncanny?

Cheryl was interviewed as well by Reality TV . She talks on Dancing With Stars and the closeness she shares with her co-stars and what she does on haitus. Be sure to read more at the link because she talks of her shoe line….and a new clothing line as well.

You appear very close with your Dancing with the Stars fellow cast mates, do you share a special bond with them?
Absolutely! We’ve gone through this whole journey together; it’s been ups and downs but you know what, we’ve become so close and we’re here and we’ve known eachother since before the show started so we’re really in it together.

When you’re on hiatus from Dancing with the Stars are you able to relax?
It’s the opposite. We work year round because we all have other things that we’re doing individually and that’s the only time to do it, is on our hiatus and we do two seasons a year so it gets pretty crazy traveling a lot but we got to strike while the iron’s hot right now so we’re trying to do that.