PureDWTS Exclusive: New Interview With Sharna Burgess, Special Message To Fans, And Lots More

We thought it was high time to catch up with Dancing With The Stars Sharna Burgess!! In a new exclusive interview below, Sharna chats with us about Dancing With The Stars Season 19. She answers fun questions on choreographing, whether Dancing With The Stars is neglecting ballroom styles, and the Dancing With The Stars Season 10th Anniversary coming up (but, her lips are completely sealed 🙂 ). We also ask Sharna about her and Derek Hough’s routine for Goldie Hawn’s Inaugural “Love In For Kids” Benefit that took place a few weeks ago. She also chats with us about her upcoming projects including “Shall We Dance On Ice December 16th, “Sway“, and Dancing With The Stars At Sea. Also included is a special message to her fans. Lots lots more below. We thank her so much for taking time out of her busy schedule for us. Enjoy…

Vogue: Hello Miss Sharna! How are you? It’s so cool to visit with you again! I hope you are well and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hi love!!! Great to chat with you again! My thanksgiving was filled with lots of love and too much food… Exactly the way it should be

So, how are you feeling overall about Dancing With The Stars Season 19? Was it everything you expected? I thought it was a fantastic season. My only complaint is there weren’t enough Pro Numbers during the middle part of the season, but, for what we did see, they were fantastic thanks to your choreography.:) So, if you were to name your favorite pro number from this past season, which would it be and why?

Season 19 was a fantastic!! So much creativity from so many pros. I loved Derek’s salsa, paso and of course his freestyle. Mark and Sadie I loved nearly every dance, he was soooo on point this season with her!! And Val truly took his creative concepts and vision to another level this season, it wasn’t always about steps, it was about telling a story… And we all know that’s my favorite thing in the world!! And of course… We finally had a male celeb win since Peta and Donald Driver!!! Yay girl power and Witney certainly was the girl for the job… What a team!


There really wasn’t enough pro numbers this season, (and yay thank you for the love) being out so early this season I really missed not having more to do or create. I am super proud of the group numbers I created this season, but honestly my favorite Read more..