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Pure DWTS – More Weekend DWTS Media (New Photos, Videos & More)

Hey, check out this new fun picture of Kym!! As you can see, she lit up the Australia Open on Friday. Some details below in a take from (Novak Djokovic a DWTS contestant in the making maybe? How cool would that be? I’d love to see it. 😀 )

So, when Kym Johnson of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ fame – she was David Hasselhoff’s partner last season – happened to mention that she had tickets for Friday, she was asked if she wouldn’t mind bringing one of spangly frocks and maybe teaching a player a few moves. Out on Court 16. It was a match made in heaven: Kym and Novak (Novak Djokovic) strutting their stuff in the summer sunshine.

Kym put Djoko through his paces, teaching him the cha-cha-cha, while he showed off his muscles with a few lifts. Encouraged to take his shirt off by one of the photographers (and, really, it doesn’t take much to get Novak to get his kit off), he was happily swirling Kym around as if he had been practising this dancing lark for years. According to Kym, Novak is a fast learner. According to the look on Novak’s face, Kym could ask him to dance any time she liked. He even gave her a tennis lesson and Kym even managed to hit a ball or two. In a quiet week, Kym and Novak (hang on, wasn’t she a film star?) brightened up the Open nicely.

Lacey and Cheryl were in Florida this past week to help Christen the new “Disney Dream” cruise ship. Here they are visiting Pink, the ship’s “chic, champagne-inspired” lounge. I have to say I am liking Lacey’s new hair color a lot.

Also, featured below is a new professional shot of Lacey. She recently had some cool photos taken by “Cean One Photography“. You can see more of this shoot at her Twitter account.

Speaking of cool photo shoots, Peta has done an amazing spread for Brendan Vale Courture. Beautiful and I have a feeling John will love her hair. 🙂

Mark has been posting fan pictures as he tours for his new album “HurtLoveBox”. Here’s one taken of him and Chelsie at Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs on Jan. 19th (Courtesy of fan Cindy Krumpet). You can see more pics at his Facebook page.

And here they are being interviewed and dancing….

Edyta tweeted a picture of Alec, Anna, and Jonathon at a coffee shop between their two “Ballroom With A Twist” performances yesterday.

Here is Anna and Edyta before the second show.

Louis also tweeted a “cast” picture right after the show.

Thanks Louis and Edyta. As reported earlier, Ballroom With A Twist began it’s run in Los Angeles, CA. Friday night. Details and ticket information at the link.

Derek was interviewed at MSA Celebration this week. He was asked about who he’d like to see on the show. They throw out some names but he’s not sure who they are. lol

Lastly, if you’d like to read about Brooke’s take on her and Derek’s “Mirror Ball Trophey” story, go HERE to read an excerpt out of her new book “The Naked Mom”. Thanks to twitter friend @georgiagirlatl and @dwtsgossip for this tip.

Ok, more soon. Be good! 😉 xxx

January 23, 2011 I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and view more loves of mine, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS – Making Age Cracks Is Not Nice and More Fun DWTS Media In The News

Hi All!!!! How are you? Just a few things to share. First, Derek has a big day. He’s filming his role on “Better With You” today. Joanna Garcia (the female lead) tweeted a picture of the two practicing. Thanks to Heidi and Pure Derek Hough for this information. You can see some new HOT pics of him at the link. 🙂

Tony is golfing in the Bob Hope Classic today as well and has made it to the 3rd round. My Desert has a fun interview up with him. Check out how he use to babysit Derek when he was little. I liked what he said about “ringers”. He is also asked about Season 12. Much more at the link.

On Dancing with the Stars, you’re the professional who is working with amateurs. Out here, the tables are turned. Are you getting nervous? Can you sympathize with your dance partners?
I hope my dance partners show up with as much dedication as I have for golf.

I like the tables being turned.
The pressure is not on me. I just have a good time. This is a beautiful, beautiful place. I wish I could take this weather back with me to Connecticut. I think you guys in Palm Springs definitely have an edge.

Yeah, the winters here are much nicer.
Except for July and August. I think those two months, I wouldn’t want to be here.
It’s not just two months brother.
Oh, it’s more than that?

It gets very hot. You said there’s no pressure on you, but it’s before the first tee.
It’s before the first tee. But the thing is, for me, it’s about having a good time. I’m out here in nature. I’m not one of the pros. There’s no pressure for me to perform. I just have to hit the ball. But I’m an 8 handicap, so I should hit it pretty well.

You’ve had a great run, 10 seasons on Dancing with the Stars with partners like Kathy Ireland …
Yeah, Kathy Ireland, I had Jane Seymour, Susan Lucci, Leeza Gibbons.

It almost sounds like the cast for Cougartown.
I know right, but I also had Audrina Patridge and Stacy Keibler, Melissa Rycroft. I’ve been paired up with every range as far as age goes, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Every season, I have a different story that develops with me. Where some of the other people have the same story. I’ve been lucky to meet so many wonderful people and they all remain friends.

What’s up with this guy Derek always getting paired up with the ringer?
Derek (Hough) is a talented individual. I used to babysit him when he was a kid.
You babysit them?Well, by the pool when they were 8. Whatever you want to call it, but they are good kids and I wish nothing but the greatest thing for them. When they win, I feel like a part of me won.

But come on. you don’t wish you got the ringer so you can win the title?
I don’t ever wish that. I enjoyed every person I had. For me to wish I had the ringer means I didn’t enjoy every person that I had. Honestly, the professional part, I won two world championships. I accomplished my goals. This is all gravy.

So any sneak peeks at the next season?Here’s a little inside tip of what we go through. We don’t know who we get until they walk into that ballroom.

So you don’t know who your partner is until then?Yeah, so all the reactions are tamed down. If it’s bad, we’re not going to say anything. And if it’s good, we’re still not going to say anything because we don’t know how good good is.

Louis was on Good Morning America today to discuss his new dance and fitness class “La Blast”. I couldn’t agree more about how “dancing” is the best workout. Not only that, it is FUN!!

For those Maks fans, there is a new Russian article on Maks and his filming of The Bachelor in the Ukraine at Media Nanny. Even taking it to a transaltion site, I’m having a hard time understanding it (HELP! lol). But, it appears the show is still in production and is currently being shot in the Canary Islands. Be sure to read the link for more and to see some really nice pictures of Maks and some of the beautiful locations where he’s been staying. Thanks to Twitter friend Wonton12 for the heads up this news.

Ok, that is all for now. I leave you with this video I ran onto at the Colleen Zenk Facebook page of her dancing on “As The World Turns”. She is good. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she is picked to do the show this season. She’s now up to 10,302 fans in support of her to do the show at Facebook and now they are shooting for “20,000”.

People really shouldn’t make “age” cracks like that, should they? I don’t think so or they will regret it.

Have a great weekend. 😉 xxx

January 21, 2011 I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and view more loves of mine, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.