Marla Maples And Tony Dovolani Talk On Dancing With The Stars On The View, Daughter Tiffany Comments At GOP Debate

Marla Maples was a co-host on The View today. Tony Dovolani showed up as well. They talked all about their partnership on Dancing With The Stars and more. Enjoy and thanks to Al/@idolxfactor1 for recording and editing.

Also, last night after the GOP debate. Tiffany Trump was asked about her mom joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Below is what she told the Inside Edition:

The 22-year-old was at the GOP debate to supporter her dad, Donald Trump, in Miami on Thursday night.

Backstage, she spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her mom joining the new season of the dancing show.

“She has been training hard,” she said. “She just got started but I definitely have some faith in her. She is an amazing dancer. She is a great athlete. She is ready for this.”