DWTS Cheryl Burke Parties in Las Vegas & New “Ideology” Interview

Isn’t Cheryl gorgeous again in the picture above? Friday night, she was seen with friends Kelly Monaco (seen above with Cheryl and who looks beautiful as well) and Jenny McCarthy dining and partying at Koi Restaurant at the Planet Hollywood Resort and the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens inside Paris Las Vegas! You can see more fun pictures of the two at Haute Event and the Haunt Event Facebook page which are fun sites to follow if you are interested in keeping up with the Las Vegas nightlife and happenings in the city. 🙂

Speaking of Cheryl, she did a new interview with Fashion Weekly on her new Macy’s gig representing the new active wear line with “Ideology”. Cheryl talks of how Rob helped with promotion this past week and how she’d like to help with designing it one day. She also dishes on her dreams and what a good sleeper she is. More below. Be sure to read the link for the full interview.

You and Rob Kardashian must be pretty tight if he’s deejaying your party.
We developed a great relationship. I found out he was deejaying a few days ago; it was such a surprise. I didn’t even know he could DJ, but he knows what kind of music I like.

We’re at the Dream. Tell us about your last one.
I always dream that I’m being chased; I don’t know why. I’m always in the forest running away from some animal. I always wake up in a sweat.

If someone taught Cherylology like biology, what would the curriculum be?
Dancing, obviously. I’m a really good sleeper. I can sleep like nobody’s business. I’m a good girl to go out with if you want to have a good time. I know how to get down. I also like to cook.

Interesting. I never knew she could sleep like that or cook.