New Interview With Meryl Davis, Charlie White, Sharna Burgess and Maks Chmerkovskiy, ABC To Air Ice Skating Specials

The Ice Network has a cool article up about Meryl Davis and Charlie White dancing on Dancing With The Stars. The article features interviews with them and their dance partners Sharna Burgess and Maks Chmerkovskiy. Below is a take about their goals and what it’s been like working with each other so far. Note how they’ve been rehearsing in Michigan since Meryl and Charlie are also getting ready to tour for “Stars On Ice“.

“The goal wasn’t to prove anything to anybody or try and outdo myself,” Chmerkovskiy said. I’m just doing my thing. I’m coming in, I’m dancing, I’m teaching. I wanted my mom and my grandma to enjoy me being back on TV one more time.

“It really is fascinating to work with Meryl,” he added. “I’m not stressing out about anything. I’m not worrying about anything. I’m just enjoying her company; she’s a cool chick.”

White, 26, will be dancing with Sharna Burgess, 28, who is bubbling with enthusiasm about the possibilities this season presents. Their first dance will be contemporary.

After working together for just a few hours, White has already taught her a new lift that they’ll use at the end of their routine.

“Charlie is absolutely wonderful; he has such beautiful lines,” Burgess said. “For me, it’s so amazing to be this creative, to have so much freedom in the steps and the choreography that I want to do. He’s wonderful to talk to about my concepts and the characters because I dived straight into that, and he seems to love it.”

She asked him to listen to the song to which they’ll perform and asked his thoughts on the story line. White’s response mirrored Burgess’ ideas. At the start of each season, teams are allowed to submit wish lists for music. White and Burgess prepared their lists separately, but when they compared notes, found a lot of similarity.

After the cast announcement Tuesday, both teams headed to Michigan to train. Davis and White are also preparing for the upcoming Stars on Ice tour. Their partners will accompany them on the road and train between shows.

Lot’s more at Ice Network. Thanks to Dominique for the heads up!!

In other things with Meryl and Charlie….according to Entertainment Weekly, ABC has announced a deal with Disson Skating to air a series of four 2-hour figure skating specials which will star Meryl and Charlie. The first two specials will air in the fall of 2014. What an exciting year for them and it’s so cool how Dancing With The Stars is a part of it all.