Coco Wants to Dance On Dancing With The Stars 13

Well, Coco may want to dance, but, that doesn’t mean the producers of Dancing With The Stars will agree with it…and I kind of hope not? But hey, I’ve said that before on past rumored contenders and I ended up liking them. So, who knows? What do you think? Here is more from Radar Online….

With her bombshell booty and oversized assets, Ice-T’s wife Coco has one of the most talked about bodies on the tube, but does she want to shake that money maker on Dancing With The Stars?

The Ice Loves Coco star took to her Twitter to address the question that all her fans have been asking her, and left no one wondering, answering with a resounding: “Hell Yes.”

“Everybody’s asking if I would be on Dancing w/the Stars!” the busty blonde tweeted on Monday. “My answers, HELL YES, so let’s all write @dancingABC and get it poppin!@”