PureDWTS Season 22, Week 7 – The Team Dances!!!

Well, as it was announced on the show last night, for the first time ever, they’ve opted to pit the guys vs. the gals – and to clarify, that is the male celebs and their female pros vs. the female celebs and their male pros.  Everyone is still with their partner, guys – it wasn’t all the male pros & male celebs vs. all the female pros and female celebs, as someone on Twitter was claiming.  Nice try guys…thanks for playing. 🙂

So in case you need any further clarification, here are the teams:

Team Guys: Wanya & Lindsay, Nyle & Peta, Antonio & Sharna, Von & Witney

Team Gals: Paige & Mark, Ginger & Val, Jodie & Keo, Kim & Sasha

As Antonio announced on Instagram, the guys have James Brown as their icon – and source says the teams are actually dancing to a medley of songs from their icon, so I’m guessing it’s going to be 2-3 of the artist’s big hits.  The gals have Beyonce as their icon – be prepared for a lot of hair-flipping, I think. I’m sure “Crazy In Love” will be part of the girls’ medley…as for the guys, I’m thinking “Sexmachine” will work its way in 😛

Also the dances are freestyles, so pretty much anything goes – I was told that Mark and Val were cracking up while samba rolling each other during rehearsal last night.  Boys will be boys, I guess 😛

My thoughts? I have a feeling things are going to tip slightly in the favor of Team James Brown, because I think the guys on that team are probably going to have an easier time embodying James’ style than the girls on Team Beyonce will have emulating hers.  Plus I think Lindsay, Peta, Sharna, & Witney are probably cumulatively slightly better than Mark, Val, Keo, & Sasha.  But that’s just me – and I actually wouldn’t be at all shocked if the teams tied.  Hell, this is the first time in 5 years that Derek hasn’t been part of the team dance…wonder if that means the pressure’s kinda off for the remaining pros?