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Dancing with the Stars 2009 Couples

I previously made my DWTS Season 8 Couples suggestions. Today they made the official announcement of the couples for season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. Check out the pairings below and then go vote for your favorite DWTS star.

Belinda Carlisle is paired with Jonathan Roberts
Singer and Band Member of The Go-Go’s

David Alan Grier is paired with Kym Johnson
Actor and Comedian

Jewel is paired with Dmitry Chaplin

Shawn Johnson is paired with Mark Ballas
2008 Gold Medalist Olympic Gymnast

Lil’ Kim is paired with Derek Hough
Grammy Award Winning Rapper

Gilles Marini is paired with Cheryl Burke
Sex and the City Actor

Ty Murray is paired with Chelsie Hightower
Rodeo Champion

Steve-O is paired with Lacey Schwimmer
Jackass and Wildboyz Reality Star

Nancy O’Dell is paired with Tony Dovolani
Access Hollywood Co-Anchor

Denise Richards is paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Television and Film Actress

Lawrence Taylor is paired with Edyta Sliwinska
Retired NFL Linebacker

Chuck Wicks is paired with Julianne Hough
Country Singer

Steve Wozniak is paired with Karina Smirnoff
Apple Co-Founder and Philanthropist

February 12, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Vote for Your Favorite Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Star

UPDATE: Vote for the Dancing with the Stars 2009 finale couples.

Now that we know the full Dancing with the Stars cast, it’s time to see which of the stars are your favorite. Vote for your favorite Dancing with the Stars star in the poll below. You can only vote for one DWTS star. I wonder which star will garner the most votes.

Let us know why they’re your favorite in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear who you think will be their professional partner.

February 11, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars 2009 Couples Suggestions

Tonight, they announced the official Dancing with the Stars cast. They still haven’t announced the couples that will be dancing on Dancing with the Stars 2009. Until we hear the official announcement of couples, here’s my take on who might be good partners for the stars on Dancing with the Stars 2009. To make things simple, I just used the professionals from last season even though I’m pretty sure that at least a couple of the professional dancers will be different this season as well.

Chuck Wicks and Lacey Schwimmer just because just think how jealous Julianne would be if this happens. Actually I’ll be surprised if Chuck dances with anyone other than Julianne Hough. I know if I were Julianne I wouldn’t let Chuck dance on the show without me. However, that pick was too easy so I took Lacey to replace Julianne.

Denise Richards and Alec Mazo because Alec always seems to get really attractive stars for his partners. I wonder if that’s just to make Edyta jealous.

Gilles Marini and Inna Brayer because people barely know Gilles Marini and they barely know Inna Brayer. Sounds like a perfect match for failure to me.

Lawrence Taylor and Karina Smirnoff because she deserves to be with a popular football player. Too bad Lawrence Taylor isn’t really all that popular and is way past his prime. He’s definitely not Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice or Jason Taylor. Too bad Karina, another year of not doing very well.

Lil’ Kim and Corky Ballas just because it would be the funniest looking couple. Actually, I’m guessing Corky won’t be back for this season, but just imagine him and Lil’ Kim together and you’ll realize that Dancing with the Stars is actually a comedy.

Nancy O’Dell and Maks Chmerkovskiy because they would just make the best couple. 2 beautiful and tall dancers would be great to watch.

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas Jr. since Shawn is really short and Mark is probably the shortest professional dancer.

Steve-O and Edyta Sliwinska because Edyta always loves to make the oddest faces when her partners do something weird. Just wait to see her reactions after being around Steve-O.

Steve Wozniak and Kym Johnson because Kym always gets screwed by having a partner that can’t dance. Plus, just having Woz and Kym together would make nerds all over the world proud to be a nerd.

Belinda Carlisle and Tony Dovolani because Tony always seems to get stuck with the old ladies. Not that Belinda’s that old, but this group is relatively young.

David Alan Grier and Cheryl Burke because David is likely to come up with something like “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and Cheryl will wonder how she went from winning so many mirror ball trophies to this. Plus, the producers won’t want Cheryl to win too many times and so this would pretty much guarantee she won’t.

Ty Murray and Julianne Hough since Ty seems to like country singers.

Jewel and Derek Hough because 2 beautiful blonds provide an interesting story. Blonds might be stupid, but I’m guessing that Derek and Jewel would prove that blonds can dance!

As you can tell, this was a real scientific method for selecting the possibly Dancing with the Stars season 8 couples.

February 9, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast Announced

NOTICE: Check out all the Dancing with the Stars music.

I’ve previously speculated about the Dancing with the Stars Cast rumors and Dancing with the Stars Cast suggestions.  Tonight, ABC has been dropping the names of the official Dancing with the Stars Season 8 cast.  I’ll update this post with the latest Dancing with the Stars cast as they’re announced on ABC.

Chuck Wicks, Country Singer

Denise Richards, Actress

Gilles Marini, Sex and the City Actor

Lawrence Taylor, Retired NFL Linebacker

Lil’ Kim, Grammy Award Winning Rapper

Nancy O’Dell, Access Hollywood Co-Host

Shawn Johnson, 2008 Olympic Gymnast

Steve-O, Jackass Performer

Steve Wozniak, Apple founder and Leader of the Nerds

Belinda Carlisle, Singer

David Alan Grier, Actor

Ty Murray, PBR Bull Rider and Cowboy

Jewel, Singer and Songwriter

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Check out pictures of the official Dancing with the Stars season 8 cast after the break: Read more..

February 8, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.