Dancing With The Stars Pros Fabulous, Fearless, And Airborne (Photos)

Some people are fearless when it comes to almost anything and such is true for some of our dancing pros!! I’m not sure if this attribute comes with the gift of being able to dance, but, indeed it makes a person wonder…especially this weekend when Julianne Hough made news headlines with an incredible jump from a mega yacht while vacationing in St. Barts with boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest below? 😯

Would you ever try this? I don’t think so…not even if paid a lot of money to do so. More high quality pictures at the Daily Mail.

Like sister, like bro (or vice versa?), below is a picture of Derek also jumping off a yacht. Derek posted this at his twitter with the quote, “I like to jump off things.” 😯 I’m not sure when this picture was taken? Heidi or one of you will have to help me with this one.

And below is Derek again airborne on a snowmobile while on vacation in Utah before Christmas. This looks fun. Now this I would do as long as I could hold on tight to the man driving. Who else is game? :mrgreen:

That’s not all! Dancing With The Stars Troupe member Sasha Farber shared this photo at his twitter and facebook accounts this past week. As you know, he’s been vacationing in Avoca Beach, New South Wales over the holidays. I don’t know how he is jumping that high… is it magic, a trampoline, or natural ability? Whatever the case, very cool picture.

The end! If you know of more shots of our pros airborne and doing fearless things, be sure to post them in the comments section. They never cease to amaze sometimes, do they?