DWTS Season 17 Watchout: Jamie Lee Curtis And Kenny Rogers??

This just keeps getting more fascinating. Apparently, Derek and Cheryl’s publicist is now following Jamie Lee Curtis and Kenny Rogers. As far as we know, this publicist is not a publicist to anyone else on the show. So, …Question for you all: is she just randomly following people to “follow” them or is there some relation to her recent follows of rumored celebs Jack Osbourne and Amber Riley? Note: Brooke Burke Charvet mentioned Jamie Lee in a recent interview as wanting her to dance and Jamie has also been rumored to dance this season in the recent yogurt spokes person rumor. As for Kenny, he currently has a new album to promote that’s coming out soon. Let’s see what Miss Heidi thinks and you let us know too. Thanks to Linz for watching Derek’s publicist closely for us.

Heidi: Well, I tend to think she’s just following people to follow people. But the weird thing is is that the people she’s recently followed have all been rumored as contestants on the show. At one point or another. So, Did she meet Kenny and Jamie when she was at the photo shoot or rehearsals for the partners with her clients? Or is she following rumored people to throw us off the track? That’s another thing I mentioned to Vogue – is she really crazy enough to follow Derek and Cheryl’s partners before the announcement has been made? At this point she has to know people are watching. I think it’s entirely possible that we’re paying way too much attention publicists at this point. 🙂 I guess we find out in a few days!