Hugh Jackman on Dancing with the Stars

TV Guide recently suggested that Hugh Jackman should be on Dancing with the Stars. Well, at least Samantha Harris wants him on the show. The problem with this is that Samantha Harris has nothing to do with the cast of stars which are on Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, just because Samantha Harris doesn’t have anything to do with the cast of Dancing with the Stars, doesn’t mean that we don’t have our opinions on the Dancing with the Stars 2009 cast. My favorite suggestion in the comments was having Candace Cameron and Kirk Cameron be a brother and sisters combo on the show. Would be a lot of fun to see sibling rivalry amongst the stars.

UPDATE: Looks like Mark Ballas Jr. wants Jennifer Aniston on the show and Derek Hough would like Angelina Jolie. Never going to happen, but if the show could get them on it would be amazing to watch.