DWTS 12 – Kirstie Alley Wows Crowds In Boston!!

What I love about Kirstie Alley so much since being a fan and her doing Dancing With The Stars is how she personally relates to all walks of life where ever she goes whether she’s working, whether it’s out and about, or whether she’s at twitter, etc.. You don’t have to be rich and famous for her to reach out and such was the case when she created quite the “stir” at a train stop in Boston this week. She lit up the Ritz Carlton as well. Below is a take from the Boston Herald for what happened. You can see a new picture of Kirstie at the link as well with a lucky fan.

Kirstie, who appears to be hooked on ballroom dancing, created quite the stir amongst the star-struck in South Station, where she hopped off the Acela and was greeted by rounds of applause by “DWTS” fans.

“She looked great,” South Station concierge Kevin Greene told the Track. “She lost so much weight for the show. She was talking to people and posing for photos. She was really very nice.”

Alley spent most of her time in Boston holed up at the Ritz where, after dining with professional dancer Serge Onikan in Jer-Ne, she asked the staff set up a private dance studio for them in one of the ballrooms. Oh, really now???

“Hotel setting up dance floor just for me and my private dancer in the ballroom . . . it’s raining men hallelujah!” she tweeted the other day.

An accompanying Twitpic shows a rather fit — and younger — man with Alley, who is obviously wearing her dancing shoes. Hotel spokesman Steve Pellegrino said he had no idea why the TV star came to town. But we do know Alley and Serge will appear tomorrow night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for Dance With Me Studios’ “All the Right Moves Summer Invitational.”

Stay tuned! We hope to have some coverage of Maks and Kirstie dancing from his studio today in New York City!