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Thoughts And Prayers For DWTS 23 Terra Jole

I know that we’re all ready to start Season 24, but can we all just take a couple moments and send some thoughts or prayers toward Terra? She was recently on Access Hollywood Live (video below), and revealed just how much she was hurting throughout last season. I was actually crying, and it’s the first time that I can remember Kit going over and hugging the person she was interviewing. And a BIG THANK YOU to Sasha, who is always his wonderful self, for being there for her throughout the whole season, and the times since their season ended that he’s been there for her.

March 1, 2017 I Written By

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Karina from DWTS Comments on The Situation

Karina Smirnoff may have a boyfriend, but she’s surprised her lady-loving “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, hasn’t trotted out his trademark pick-up lines.

“He hasn’t hit on me! And I’m taking it as an insult,” Karina joked with Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover on Thursday. “Like, what am I? A grenade?” –Source

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