Kym Johnson Talks On Healing Up From Her Neck Injury On Dancing With The Stars And More

The Day spoke with Kym Johnson on the phone last week. They talked of how she is healing up from her fall with Hines. She’s doing “so much better now”. Kym plans to keep doing physical therapy over the summer. She’s still dancing too. Her and Dmitry Chaplin are dancing at the Mohegan Sun tomorrow (Friday). They will also sign autographs as part of the Sun’s Reality Check series. You can read more about the event at the link as well as what drew Kym to ballroom dancing.

The video of Johnson being injured in rehearsal was stunning:
“I still actually haven’t seen it myself. But, you know, I’m so much better now. My neck’s feeling okay. It’s actually my shoulder. I tore a little tendon off the bone when I fell on my neck, so that’s what I have to look at now. And that’s what I have to fix up. I’m just going to be having physical therapy, and I’ve got time now to get better.”

When complimented on how easy she made dancing look on her first post-injury show, her response is:
“Well, I did have a few painkillers to get me through it. When the doctors cleared me, they didn’t clear me until Monday to dance that day. … I knew I wasn’t doing anything dangerous where I could hurt myself again. We both decided, let’s do it. I was more concerned about Hines because he knew to dance with me. It’s hard when you have to then suddenly dance with someone else, and that’s what we would have had to do. We both decided, yeah, let’s do it. …

“He was great. He really pulled me through the routine.”

Johnson has partnered with celebs who each had their own level of abilities. She explained the knack of choreographing dances that makes them each look their best:
“The first (celebrity) I had was Jerry Springer. I had to be a little bit more accommodating for the routines because there were a few things he couldn’t do. Then I had Joey Fatone, and Joey’s an incredible dancer. So I changed it up with him. It really just depends on who you get.

“And then with Hines, he just had the whole package. I could do so much with him. He was strong, he was young. Donny Osmond, I would do a lot with as well. He was from a performing background. He was the showman, and we could be very showy with him.

“You just have to adapt to whoever you have. I have done 12 seasons, so you’d think I’d get bored with it, but each season is so different. Whoever you’re dancing with inspires you to come up with different stuff, so you don’t get stale.”

How can anyone not think Kym is show stoppingly beautiful in and out?!! Here’s to Kym continuing to get better from her neck injury!