DWTS Season 12 – Lacey Schwimmer And Mike Catherwood Dish On Each Other & The Show

Wetpaint has a new interview up with Lacey where she dishes on her new partner Mike Catherwood, the show’s dynamics, and more. Here are some snippets where she talks about Mike. Special thanks to PureDWTS reader Vin for sending this interview.

Who has been your favorite dance partner so far – the person you meshed with the best?
My current partner Mike Catherwood and I are like two peas in a pod, but Kyle Massey is like my little brother.

What do you think of this season’s crop of contestants? Is there anyone, in particular, you’re a big fan of that you’re excited to see learn to dance?
I love my partner. I love that he is the defined underdog, I can’t wait for the ladies to see him move.

How has Mike been doing during rehearsals? What does he have to work on the most?
He is so nervous but so determined to kick butt. He’s a bit stiff and shy but I just use crude humor and he loosens right up. Haha!

Last season we loved your chemistry with Kyle? Are you finding a similar chemistry with Mike, or is it slightly different because he’s older?
Kyle was a typical 19-year-old. Mike is sexy and hilarious….we get along just the same! I actually tackled him yesterday, Mike is pretty weak.

I have a feeling Mike is going to do better on this show than a lot of people are predicting?

Mike also gave Fancast a new fun interview. Here is a take for what he says about Lacey and the show so far…and uhhh, his sex appeal too. The interviewer isn’t afraid to get personal. 😯

You said at the ‘DWTS’ cast reveal event that you’re uncomfortable having your crotch close to your dance partner [Lacey Schwimmer]. Uh, explain.
Yeah, I’m not really comfortable with that. When you slow dance with a girl in 7th grade, you change your direction and it’s embarrassing and you end up with this part of your body far apart. You know? I don’t want to be on the bone phone. There’s an understood biological reaction when you are aroused.

You are the first person I’ve ever interviewed for “DWTS” that has said this.
Yes. What I did for my first rehearsal is I pulled a trick I haven’t used since my first trip to a strip club with a fake ID when I was doubled up on the briefs. I wore two pairs of briefs and the bottom pair is tighter. So I did that. I sized down the bottom one, so there’s heavy amount of compression to the twig and berries.

Wow. Okay. What does Dr. Drew say about this?
He was very much against me compressing that area and thinks there might be some long-term effects to my libido, but I said I’m not prepared to deal with the embarrassment that comes with that.

Being so nervous and, well, admittedly awkward, do you think you can bring the sex appeal needed for this show?
No. I’m bad on that. I can do the moves. I’ll learn the dance. I’ll know my steps. Can I project sex appeal through the camera, probably not. That’s something you can’t fake.