She should be on DWTS!!! Season 10 – The Campaigns.

In the last couple seasons of this show, one thing has struck me as interesting. It may be interesting to no one else, but it is interesting to me. 🙂  There are little (and sometimes big) campaigns to get fan favorites on DWTS.

Take last season, for example.  We had a fan of Beth Horn (aka Venom) from American Gladiators on this site telling us on a semi-regular basis that she should be on the show.  And it wasn’t just him – there was a full out Facebook campaign to get Beth on the show.  This season I’ve seen campaigns for Crystal Chappell – soap actress recently from the cancelled Guiding Light and Laurell Holloman  an actress recently seen in The L Word.  The latter I just noticed today; there is a write-in campaign at her website (I’m not a member so I can’t see what is being said and done).  Crystal’s fans have been at if for a while and have left numerous comment on this site and probably others. (We don’t mind – keep them coming. 🙂 )

Now, I’m not talking about celebs who decide they need to be on the show and launch a campaign directed at the producers to get on the show, I’m talking about campaigns that appear to originate with the fans of a given celebrity. Sometimes the celeb has said they’d like to do it, other times I’m not so sure. So, assuming the celebrity would actually do the show if a campaign were successful – does anyone think these campaigns have a chance of working? I’m seriously asking, because I just don’t know.  The three women I’ve mentioned seem like they would be a good fit for the show – I’ve only heard of Crystal because of Guiding Light, the other two are unknowns. They actually have fanbases so they aren’t complete unknowns, so that is good.

So, people, lay it on me – answer the following questions:

– Do you think these campaigns have a shot?

– Are there other campaigns out there that we’re not aware of?

– What are the pros and cons for the producers of the show to pick someone that originated from a campaign?

– Has anyone been involved in a successful campaign?

I’ll go first.  I think they have a shot. Why not? The producers are always looking for people and what could be better than someone who has people who desperately want to see them on the show?  It’s all about ratings, right?

I know there are other campaigns – I’ve seen signs of them but I can’t seem to dig them up right now. You have no idea how hard it is to randomly google DWTS Campaigns. It doesn’t work. 🙂

Pros and cons. Hmmmm…I said one pro above.  Cons? Well, you could get so overwhelmed by a very vocal minority that you pick someone who isn’t all that. That isn’t that big, but what if you toss someone that was actually better overboard? Other than that, I can’t think of too many problems with listening to fans of the show. Can anyone else?

Those of you involved in the campaigns I mentioned – why do you want your favorite on the show? Have you any reason to believe that you will be successful – like have you heard anything positive from your celebrity? Call me curious. Use this as your chance to really pimp your favorite. 🙂

So tell me – what are your thoughts on campaigns?  Do really big campaigns set up a celeb for ringer status? I don’t think that would be the case for the three women I mentioned, but could that be the case for others? Or is it a given if someone is that popular and they want to be on the show their fans don’t have to campaign and they’re already a ringer?  Most of all – I would be curious to hear if there are other underground movements out there working to get their favorites on the show.