Mark Ballas To Talk About Emmy Nomination For Dancing With The Stars

Sunday night Mark Ballas will chat with Chris Harrison of TV Guide’s Hollywood 411 about his Emmy nomination. Here is a sneak peak for what’s to come (I wish I could embed it, but, I can’t. You’ll also need a Facebook account to be able to view the video). Note how Chris asks Mark if he could only choose between an Emmy or a Mirror Ball Trophy, which would he choose? Mark chose “Emmy”. Hmmm, makes one wonder if that’s what Mark was going for all along last Season and will more Emmy’s (instead of Mirror Balls) be his goal in the future? If so, how will potential celebrity partners feel about it? If interested in hearing more of this interview, be sure to tune into Hollywood 411 Sunday night at 7pm ET or stay tuned to Pure Dancing With The Stars. We hope to have video coverage of it afterwards as soon as we can.

ADDING: Hollywood 411 has posted the interview finally. Here it is in full in case you missed it (I’m really liking Mark’s HAIR!);