DWTS Season 17 Rumor: Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm”: Martha Stewart And Jesse Ventura?

Ok, so this is most likely absolutely NOTHING! But, Heidi and I are giggling over this possibility and hey, it was a tweet much like this for how Heidi started wondering about Hines Ward and if he was dancing on Dancing With The Stars…and the rest is history.

What are we talking about? LOL! Well, today an author named Theodore Carl Soderberg tweeted this tweet naming Martha Stewart and Jesse Ventura as possible contenders for Dancing With The Stars.


Again, this is probably nothing. There isn’t anything out there to support it for what we can find so far except that Martha was seen sitting in the audience at Dancing With The Stars in 2010. At the time, she tweeted that it was for a taping and not that she was dancing. Also note that Martha has been a big supporter of dancing and dance segments on her show.

As for Jesse, we can’t find anything out there except that he talked of Martha most recently in an interview about Whistle Blowers.

So yeah, all of this is most likely nothing and yet, the thought of Martha and Jesse possibly dancing is interesting and hey, you never know, right? Also, it fits the “controversial” rumors we’ve been receiving lately.

Heidi, what do you think? LOL!!

Heidi: Hilarious. As Vogue said, we’re thinking the dude is joking and that it’s nothing….but we’ve seen random, one off tweets turn into reality before.  Still kicking myself over the Hines Ward thing. So, because of that and a couple other incidences, we kinda made a vow that we’d post stuff that seemed odd and even unlikely.  But hey, you never know – both would in the vein of what the producer appear to be looking for, if Paula Deen and Geraldo both turning them down recently is true.   Would I like to see either or both?? Sure, why not? Martha is so prissy and proper it would be interesting. And which Jesse would show up?? The Gov or the wrestler??  Heh.

Vogue: LOL! I’d love if the two danced too!! Maybe put Martha with Tony and Jesse with Cheryl?