DWTS: Midseason 2010-11 TV Ratings – Dancing With The Stars 9th!

The Midseason TV Show Ratings have been announced! According to EW, Dancing With The Stars rates at #9!! Below is the Top 30! Be sure to view the link to see which other TV shows made the Top 50 (and bottom 50). Special Note (as Heidi just wrote me): DWTS hasn’t aired since November and that affects it’s standings in the midseason ratings and why it might not be rated even higher. All of the other shows listed have aired since November, so they benefit by the lack of DWTS. American Idol didn’t air at the same time as Dancing With The Stars, but, it probably has artificially high numbers due to the curiosity factor.

1. American Idol Wednesday (Fox, 9.9 rating/26 share)

2. American Idol Thursday (Fox, 8.2/22)

3. NFL Sunday Football (NBC, 8.0/20)

4. NFL Sunday Pre-kick (NBC, 5.6/15)

5. Modern Family (ABC, 5.0/13)

6. Overtime (Fox, 4.6/14)

7. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 4.6/12)

8. Two and A Half Men (CBS, 4.6/11)

9. Dancing with the Stars (ABC, 4.6/11)

10. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 4.5/13)

11. NCIS (CBS, 4.3/12)

12. Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS, 4.3/12)

13. The Office (NBC, 4.1/10)

14. Family Guy (Fox, 4.1/10)

15. Desperate Housewives (ABC, 4.1/9)

16. Glee (excludes special post-Super Bowl episode, Fox, 4.0/11)

17. Dancing with the Stars results (ABC, 4.0/10)

18. Criminal Minds (CBS, 3.9/10)

19. House (Fox, 3.9/10)

20. Football Night in America (NBC, 3.8/11)

21. The Amazing Race 17 (CBS, 3.8/9)

22. NCIS: LA (CBS, 3.8/10)

23. The Simpsons (Fox, 3.8/10)

24. How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 3.7/10)

25. Mr. Sunshine (ABC, 3.7/10)

26. Mike Molly (CBS, 3.7/9)

27. Undercover Boss (CBS, 3.7/9)

28. The Biggest Loser (NBC, 3.4/9)

29. Hawaii 5-0 (CBS, 3.4/9)

30. Cougar Town (ABC, 3.4/9)

So, do you see any of your favorite shows? Any surprises or disappointments? I was glad to see Hawaii Five-O make the Top 30. I was also glad to see Glee in the Top 10. I love that show (next to Dancing With The Stars” of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ )! House is one of my favorite shows as well.