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DWTS14 Rumor: Bruce Jenner Waiting to “Say Yay Or Nay” To Dancing With The Stars

You know the routine. Take this rumor with a grain of salt being this site hasn’t been known to be very reliable in the past. We’ll soon see?? From Hollywood Life….

While the official announcement of all the new contestants will be aired on Feb. 28 on ABC, has learned that the show hasn’t filled all the slots yet for its upcoming 14th season. Producers are reportedly waiting on the unnaturally tight-faced Jenner to say yay or nay to their offer.

And besides Bruce being part of the Kardashian clan, the show is said to really dig the fact he’s a former Olympian.

As much as I wish the producers would pass on having anyone connected to the Kardashians on the show again(and especially so soon after Rob), I’d favor Bruce over Rob’s mother or sisters. What do you think and if Bruce did dance, who do you see him paired with? Maybe Kym?

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DWTS Season 14…Rumor? Miss Kosovo??

I have no earthly idea. All I know is she said she’s going to be in DWTS and that Tony Dovolani is following her. Anyone have a scoop on this?  Is she Miss Universe as well, as her twitter handle implies?

Maybe she’s going to be in one of the European versions of the show?


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