Louis Van Amstel And Anna Trebunskaya On Dancing At The Mohegan Sun, Finding Out If They Return To Dancing With The Stars The Third Week In August, & More

Last week, Louis Van Amsel and Anna Trebunskaya performed at the Mohegan Sun Casino. They danced three times…a tango, a jive, and a cha cha which were all choreographed by Louis. The stage was only two feet wide and very high up, but, they managed to pull off a fantastic performance and the “audience was great” according to Louis at twitter. Reality Wanted caught up with the two before they danced. They asked them what they’ve been doing in the off season since their last appearance on Dancing With The Stars. They also ask them about their favorite dances, their upcoming schedule, and if they know if they are returning for Season 13. Below is how they replied. Note how Louis said they won’t know if they are returning until the third week of August (the third week? uggh, I thought it would be the second week. This waiting is total agony. *cries* lol). More at the link.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Do you have a favorite style that you prefer?
A. Louis: We enjoy dancing together because we don’t have a favorite. No, they’re all nice.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: You probably can’t tell me but I have to ask. Will you both be returning for season 13 of Dancing With The Stars?
A. Louis: Of course we would love to but we don’t know yet until the third week of August.
A. Anna: It’s a big, huge secret! They’re trying to keep everything private. We don’t know the celebrities. We don’t have any idea.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: What are you up to now?
A. Anna: Just dancing, teaching, being a wife once in a while! Jonathan and I are going to perform next weekend at the Vale International Convention and we’ll hopefully not die from the high altitude. We’re looking forward to performing there. The day before us was the Chinese National Ballet so I’m sure they’re going to have some amazing companies there.
A. Louis: La Blast, La Blast, La Blast! The website is already up for it. I’m going to Tucson to do the program there and then to New York and then I’m doing it for 500 fitness instructors during the IDEA Convention, which is the largest fitness convention in the country.

Edit to Add: New video from the Mohegan Sun;