Dancing With The Stars Makes Top 10 List Of America’s Most Watched TV Shows, TV Ratings Talk

While most media outlets like to carry on about how Dancing With The Stars is on it’s last legs, TV Guide is reporting that Dancing With The Stars is one of America’s Most Watched TV Programs of the 2012-2013 TV Season! Yes, the viewership numbers may be declining some, but, Dancing With The Stars is still hanging in there strong (in my opinion). Check out these overall rankings and numbers. Other shows out there would give anything to have rankings and numbers like this….

1. NCIS CBS 21.6 million


3. THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS 19.0 million

4. NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 17.5 million

5. PERSON OF INTEREST CBS 16.2 million

6. AMERICAN IDOL (Wednesday) Fox 15.1 million

7. DANCING WITH THE STARS (Monday) ABC 15.0 million

8. AMERICAN IDOL (Thursday) Fox 14.8 million

9. THE VOICE (Monday) NBC 14.4 million*

10. THE WALKING DEAD AMC 14.3 million

11. DANCING WITH THE STARS (Tuesday) ABC 14.0 million

12. TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS 13.9 million

13. THE VOICE (Tuesday) NBC 13.5 million

14. BLUE BLOODS CBS 13.3 million

15. ELEMENTARY CBS 13.0 million

You can read the full article and see more rankings at TV Guide.

And while we are on the subject, you can view how the finale shows ranked for Dancing With The Stars Season 16 below. Note how both shows were the two most watched tv programs from May 20-26th. From USA Today via Nielson’s Ratings….

1. Dancing With the Stars Results ABC 15.2 13.8
2. Dancing With the Stars ABC 15.0 14.9

3. Criminal Minds CBS 11.0 12.3
4. The Voice NBC 10.8 14.3
5. The Voice NBC 10.2 13.5
6. Modern Family ABC 10.0 12.4
7. Big Bang Theory CBS 9.1 18.5
8. Hawaii Five-0 CBS 9.0 10.5
9. Tornado Coverage NBC 8.2
10. Mike & Molly CBS 7.9 10.3

Let’s see what Miss Heidi thinks….

Heidi: That’s nice and all, but that’s total viewers, not the key demographic. DWTS still sucks in that area. 🙂 But the total viewers numbers are the reason why I don’t think the performance show is going anywhere for a while. Yes, the demo is important, but it’s still getting viewers on Monday night. The way the Voice ratings drop like a stone once the blind auditions are over makes me wonder if NBC will consider changing them to a weaker TV night – they should. I’ve never understood the asinine competition between the networks – don’t you want to put your shows against WEAKER shows so you get great numbers, instead of piling them all into one night trying to knock another great show out?? Moronic. So, all the great TV seems to be on Sunday and Monday…while Friday and Saturday are a wasteland (as is Thursday). Come on, execs – it’s 2013. People aren’t watching TV live…and most DVRs can only record two shows at a time. Quit looking at the Nielsens and find a new way. For that matter, DWTS producers might have to find a new way too – one reason that DWTS might not survive in the long haul is cost. It can’t be cheap to produce that show like it is most reality shows. Watch for a post from me on this topic. It interests me. 🙂

Vogue: Heidi, I so agree. One of my favorite TV shows is DALLAS. They aired the second season on a Monday night against all of these huge shows and then they wonder why it’s ratings dropped. I wish they had left it alone and kept it airing in the summer on a Saturday night, but, it’s all about what the advertisers want now days. I hate that they have so much control. They will only end up hurting shows instead of helping them.