Beth Chapman Receives A No From Dancing With The Stars

Sorry Beth Chapman Fans!! Today, Beth tweeted that she won’t be competing on Dancing With The Stars Season 14. She told her twitter followers that ABC told her on February 2nd that they had seen the campaign posts, but, they had already sent out their offers and she won’t fit into the cast this season. Beth also questions that the official Dancing With The Site Fan Casting Wish List is just a “gimmick” which our Miss Heidi has been telling us for quite some time. Be sure to read the link in full in the first tweet below to read Beth’s exact thoughts. It’s also quoted after the tweet.

This came from #dwts on February 2nd I just didn’t want to spoil it 4 u fans I think that site is just a gimmick
To make you think you have a say sorry guys I appreciate all your efforts

“I have seen the rumors! Unfortunately I dont think she fits into the cast for this season. I have already made all my offers. But if anything changes I will let you know.”

Unfortunately, the same thing happened last season as well…

Sad!!! So many fans go to an extreme effort to campaign!!

Heidi’s Note: I also noted previously that the invitation to tell them (DWTS) who you would cast is worded in such a way that people were likely mis-reading it.  Possibly intentionally on ABC’s part?  You be the judge. Here’s the blurbs from

Cast the new season of Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing with the Stars Season 14 is right around the corner. What are your thoughts for casting the next season? Who is your ideal cast? Which athletes, movie or television stars, singers or other celebrities would you pick?

Now, the title is VERY misleading, but once you read the blurb underneath, it makes it seem more like a discussion topic more than an actual voting apparatus…which is how so many people seem to be viewing it.  I’ve been complaining for a couple seasons now that I thought that DWTS was paying no attention whatsoever to that message board, that it was designed to get traffic to the site, period.  Parsing the word selection…”thoughts” is what sticks out at me. They don’t ask for you to “vote” and they never imply that they will actually pick someone who gets a lot of votes. They just want your opinion. They never said they would take it. 🙂