Mark Ballas Talks On Homosexual Stereotypes, Dancing With The Stars, And More

Heads up! Mark Ballas is a guest on HDNet’s “Naughty But Nice with Rob” this weekend. Rob and Mark talk about how some people assume dancers are “gay” which is not true. They talk about same sex couples dancing and how he’d love to do so. Mark also talks on his new partner saying he has no idea who it is (at the time of this interview) and how most likely it will be someone who is near the same height. Hmmm?? More in a take below and at To see even more of this interview, be sure to tune into Rob’s show today and tomorrow. Check your local listings for times.

“There is one gay cast member,” Ballas tells me, admitting that he personally has never had to deal with any of the assumptions people make about male dancers. “Fortunately, I never had to deal with it. I went to a performing arts school and my whole philosophy, if someone said something to me, I would say, ‘Well, while you are on the football field with other dudes, I will be dancing with a lot of girls.’ But I think with dancing now, a lot of guys are getting into it. How can you not want to dance?”

Knowing about the whispers surrounding some of his fellow cast members’ sexuality, Ballas believes the amount of sports stars that have been contestants on the show has helped change assumptions about the personal lives of male dancers.

“Hines Ward is some dude that would kill you,” Ballas tells me on the set of my HDNet talk show. “They love it. It’s hard to do! Obviously there’s always frustrating moments, but it’s overcoming them together at the end of the day.”

Admitting he has no idea which celebrity he has been paired with for the upcoming season, Ballas does reveal one of the biggest factors that the producers consider – height.