New Julianne Hough And Maria Menounos ABC “Dance Battle America” Special, Submit Your Dance Battle

Whoever thought that the dance wars from the Hough and Menounos families during the holidays these past few years would become viral and inspire a new ABC special, but, it has. If you head to Dance Battle America, you can read all about it as well as submitting your own dance battle clip. You can also watch a video teaser with Julianne Hough and Maria Menounos here. Too fun!

From Executive Producers Julianne Hough (DANCING WITH THE STARS judge and past DANCING WITH THE STARS champion) and E! Host Maria Menounos (DANCING WITH THE STARS celebrity dancer) and Emmy Award winning production company Magical Elves comes ABC’s special #DANCEBATTLE AMERICA. During the holiday seasons over last two years, Julianne and Maria have engaged in a fearsome #DANCEBATTLE via social media. Once the challenge took off, celebrities Kate Hudson and Amber Riley joined in and a #DANCEBATTLE craze began! Now the ladies are challenging everyone in America to battle it out for the chance to fly to Los Angeles and compete on the live dance show.

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