Argentina Dancing With The Stars “Soooooooo Freak That It Is Irresistible”

Since Argentina doesn’t share the same language, it’s been hard to report on their version of Dancing With The Stars. As some of you might know, Damian Whitewood and Pamela Anderson are contestants. So far, they’ve been very popular on the show as well as Boxing champ, Mike Tyson. Not only did Damian and Pamela delight many of us with their dancing in Season 10 (they have been one of my favorite couples to ever dance on the show!), they are doing the same in Argentina…and maybe even more so? Thanks to PureDWTS reader Carlos Lustosa, below is some video footage. In Carlos’ own words, “This show is soooooooo freak that it is irresistible. ahahahahaha”.

Here they are doing the Rumba….

Damian also posted this picture of Pamela on his facebook page.

According to Carlos, the best contestant on the Argentina version of Dancing With The Stars is a dwarf named Noelia. He said “She’s simply amazing. Not Kidding.” You can see Noelia doing a Cha Cha with her partner below…

Here is more from Carlos on the show:

uh, let me just do a review about this season of Bailando… and some latin american versions of SCD/DwtS

This is the 8th season of “argentine dwts” “Bailando por un sueño” and is called just “Bailando 2011”. At first seasons, the show was like this: a star was paired with a “dreamer” (sueñador) and helped him to realize his dream (sueño), that’s why the show was called “Bailando por un sueño” (Dancing for a dream). As long as the couple keeps on competition, more money it earn.

Nowadays, the show is more like DwtS and this season has 30 couples. THIRTY. Most known people are Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson. Don’t know if you like soccer but the paraguayan muse of 2010 world cup Larissa Riquelme was dancing ther, but left the competition last week due to a injuried knee. Ah, theres a couple of 2 guys, this season (the journalist José María Muscari and partner Emanuel González. video chacha)

As for the judges: there are 5 of them. Each week one of them gives a “secret score” wich will be revealed just on result, after the viewers votes. If you thik that CAI, Bruno and Len are inconstant with their scores, think again. The score difference between the argentinian judges is ridiculous. One can give an 10 and the other a 5, for example. (We don’t see this even on british strictly come dancing…)

Have to say that this version is extremely “lascivious”… there are some sexy-sexy-sexier dances of all DwtS-like shows, such as strip dance and pole dancing.

On former seasons, there were some rhythms that are not well known on DwtS, as merengue, lambada, a lot of salsa styles – cubana (cuban), quebradita (don’t know who to translate… something like broken-y), milonga (kind of fast tango… love this dance) -, cumbia, samba (not the latin ballroom, but the brazilian), axé (a brazilian dance from carnaval of Bahia)…

And if you think that’s all you didnt’ see the peruvian, mexican, ecuadorian versions. Guys, the peruvian version is… I can’t describe, you have to see. On this versions there are some classics like arabian dance, pole dancing, reggaeton, and some dances the do on a different weather… for example they have LAMBADA IN THE RAIN.

Video (delly and josé luis, the winners of their season)

Here in Brazil the show is called “Dança dos Famosos” (Famous’ Dance or Stars Dance) is very boring. The production is not a propper show but a part of a sunday show, so, not that good and very far from the US version (wich is a shame) and from the latin american ones (thanks god! ahaha)… but, I like the fact we have some brazilian rhythms such as forró, samba (gafieira) (good video), lambada, and dances that are very common here like bolero, rock (soltinho), and of course, salsa, tango.

If you have time, check axé in the rain, from peruvian Reyes de la Pista (Kings of dance floor): Video (Axé – pronouce almost “ashae”. Detail: 1:50)

Be sure to watch the “comment” section of this post. Carlos is planning to keep us updated!!

Carlos, thanks so much!! This is fun and so fascinating! 😉

And Dancing With The Stars producers if you are reading this, PLEASE BRING BACK DAMIAN WHITEWOOD!!!