DWTS Pros in the Off-Season – Karina Smirnoff on Celebrity Ghost Stories

Pro Watch 2K10 is upon us, folks! Today is the day that the pros are supposed to start finding out whether or not they’re going to be on this season…which means that Heidi will be busy monitoring Twitter for news of who’s in and who’s out, and posting updates as she finds them.  Show her some love, people – this is no easy task.  It was absolutely crazy last season!

But before the madness commences, here’s a quick little ditty about what one of the pros has been up to during the DWTS hiatus. Apparently Karina Smirnoff has had more than one brush with the paranormal, and she’s sharing her experiences in two episodes of the Biography Channel series Celebrity Ghost Stories. Her first story was featured on the August 7 episode, and tells of her encounter with the apparition of her dead grandmother back in Ukraine when she was only a teenager.  I can’t embed it, but you can go watch the clip here. You can also catch reruns of it on the Bio channel – they’ve been repeating it quite a bit. Karina prefaces her story by explaining how her upbringing has shaped her belief in the spirit realm: 

I’ve always been around people that have either believed in ghosts or encounters with the spirits. My dad is Greek, and my mom is Russian, and both cultures are very much in tune with the other side.

It’s a pretty cool (but chilling) story. Her second story airs tomorrow night at 9 pm EST.  I haven’t been able to find any spoilers for it, but I know it’s not a repeat of her first story.  Should be interesting to watch…if I don’t scare the bejesus out of myself like I have been watching that show for the past few weeks! 😉