DWTS 15, Week 4: Paula Abdul is Going to Be “Judging from the Heart” Next Week

As many of you already know, Paula Abdul is going to be saddling up to the judges’ table as a guest judge next week.  She took a moment to chat with Access Hollywood after the show Tuesday night about what we can expect from her as a judge:

First impression? Paula’s a little out of it, as always, and from the way she makes it sound, she’s probably going to be pretty lenient in her scoring, since she doesn’t really have a background in ballroom…although that won’t likely matter this coming week, as no one is really doing “real ballroom”, save for Shawn & Derek. As I said to someone on Twitter last night – “I bet they don’t even bother giving her any paddle lower than an 8.5!” Other predictions? Her critiques are probably going to be kinda awkward & rambling, and I’m betting Tom is going to have to cut her off at least once.  Hope you’re armed with plenty of clever exit strategies, Berge 😉  Later in the interview, they also ask Paula what she thinks about the current season of X-Factor (with new judges Demi Lovato & Britney Spears – replacements for Paula & Nicole Scherzinger) and the feuding between judges Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj on American Idol – both questions she politely dodges. 😛

For those of you who’ve expressed curiousity as to how the presence of an extra judge could affect the results this coming week, check out this “By the Numbers” post Heidi did back in week 7 of season 12 (“Ballroom Greats” week), when famed Latin dancer Donnie Burns was a guest judge. It pretty clearly illustrates how 3 judges vs. 4 judges can affect scoring. The biggest impact will be that the overall point total will increase – which will decrease the margins between points, and actually make it easier to cover the spread.  So for those of you hoping for Bristol to get ousted – I wouldn’t get your hopes up 🙁 But who knows…maybe Paula will be off her meds and really gouge Bristol’s score.  A girl can dream 😀