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DWTS Season 12 – Costuming and Make-Up For Star-Spangled Patriot’s Day

Once the head costume designer, Randall Christensen heard the playlist for the show last week, he knew “red, white, and blue” wouldn’t “be the norm”. He gives Stylist the lowdown for how he came up with some of the costumes.

Chelsea Kane: This season’s girl-to-beat turned up the heat in a pair of fringed red-and-white striped pants topped with a midriff-baring star-spangled tank. To create the kinetic pants,which punctuated every thrust of Kane’s hips, Christensen’s team cut individual strips of fabric, adhering them to the base pattern one-by-one. “Just attaching the fringe took hours upon hours,” Christensen says.

Kirstie Alley: Wore royal blue palooza pants and a tattered peasant top which featured a sheer, bedazzled midriff to boogie to Lenny Kravitz’s “American Woman.” Alley danced under the tutelage of stand-in dance coach, John Travolta. The actor encouraged his friend to ditch the Manolo Blahnik heels she slipped out of last week for a pair of high-top sneakers, but Christensen gave her classic court shoes instead. “Pumps were appropriate for the song’s era,” he explains, Custom rhinestone buckles were added to authenticate the look.

Meanwhile, the design team barely had enough time to make Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s custom skin-tight leather pants, which he wore shirtless. The pants were a special request by Alley.

Petra Nemcova: The supermodel’s back-baring gold gown was inspired by the glamorous Las Vegas look of Marilyn Monroe crossed with Sharon Stone in “Casino,” Christensen says. “We had originally discussed a more Vegas showgirl look, but once the choreography was in place it was obvious the look of a more classic couple in formal wear was the way to go. And what’s more glamorous than Marilyn and Sharon?” he says. Nemcova helped design her elbow-length gloves cinched with silver-crystal jewelry while her lush ostrich boa became a feathery stole.

Kendra Wilkinson: Christensen used stretch blue satin to create her sleeveless tails and encrusted her vest in silver-studded stars. An inventive addition to her costume: Over-the-knee tights made to resemble boots. Their flexible fabric made dancing easier and Christensen added crystals for sparkle. “I think the look empowered her and gave her confidence,” he says.

Romeo: The rapper’s refined tuxedo and tails salute to Fred Astaire, and partner Chelsie Hightower’s sublime Ginger Rogers’ inspired off-white bias cut gown was StyleList’s favorite look of the night.

So, which costumes were your favorites? I loved Chelsie and Romeo, Kym and Hines, and most of all >>>>MAKS!!!! Did anyone not love this?!! And I will take Maks (and Derek if he were here) shirtless and in black leather any day before Mark! 🙂

The Wausa Daily Herald also has a great 2 page article up of the costuming process. Below is a picture of Randall’s crew and a small take. Be sure to see the link for much more.

“People really don’t realize that there’s no magic closet that we pull this from. It is a bolt of fabric every Wednesday,” said Christensen, a dancer who’s been making costumes professionally since 1978. “We never use a ready-made costume … every single solitary thing is made from scratch.”

Each week, Christensen translates their visions into sketches on Tuesday and buys the fabrics on Wednesday. His team of two patternmakers and 10 seamstresses transforms the raw materials into costumes by Friday.

Their workroom contains the highest concentration of sequins anywhere at CBS Television City, where “Dancing” is filmed. Along one wall are bolts of fabric: shimmery purple, deep emerald green and bright royal blue — materials ordered from a dance company in Europe where the fringe, stretch fabric, mesh and chiffon all match.

“That’s the toughest challenge,” Christensen said.

Fourteen sewing machines and mannequins from size 0 to 16 are in the room, as are costumes in various stages of creation. (A tiny pewter beaded number sits on a plastic-covered dress form outfitted with “booty pads.”)

Lastly, don’t miss seeing some new pictures posted by the make-up crew at their Facebook page. Here’s one of Romeo and Chelsie.

April 21, 2011 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS 2011 – Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin’s Press Rounds After Being Eliminated, The Other Couples Reactions, & Hints For What’s To Come Next Week (Videos)

So, we say good-bye to Petra Nemcova. I don’t think in all of the show’s history did someone qualify as ‘angelic’ in the passionate way Petra Nemcova did this Season. Petra not only entertained us, she warmed and touched many hearts while making us all more aware of what it’s like to be a tsunami and earthquake victim up close and personal. You really have to admire this beautiful woman and her strength when you think about what she’s been through being severely injured, losing a finance, and then to take on dancing to boot a few years later with all she’s suffered physically and mentally and yet, still remains full of hope, positive, and loving through it all. She’s truly an example for us all. I don’t think many of us will forget her. With all that said, here she is with Dmitry being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE last night and Good Morning America Today talking on their journey (“Dancing With A Purpose”) on Dancing With The Stars, what’s next, and more.

George Pennacchio also interview Petra and Dmitry last night after the show as well as some of the other couples on the night, Petra, and what’s to come next week for their dances (great hints here for what’s to come for Guilty Pleasures Week!).

Below is an interview from ET Online interviewing Petra and Dimitry and the couples as well. Note how Kendra says she will get a “10” next week!!! Hmm? 😯

April 20, 2011 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

SPOILERS!! DWTS Season 12, Week 5 – The Results

And the most craptastic week of DWTS ever has a most craptastic final result. Petra and Dmitry leave the ballroom ahead of a much more deserving evictee. Never have I hated to be right more than right now. Sucks.

And to top it off, we get another THEME week next week – guilty pleasures. Gee, Tom, DWTS is rapidly becoming the biggest guilty pleasure of all. Does this mean you’re going to do self parody next week? Lord help us. 🙂

What do ya’ll have to say?

April 19, 2011 I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS 12, Week 5 – After The Dance Interviews (Videos)

As always, George Pennacchio of ABC in LA is our star interviewer. He interviews our couples after their dances last night and gives us a run down. Watch the link because they may post more videos later.

Donny Osmond was Good Morning America’s guest reviewer joining them from Provo, UT. Donny tells it like it on Kendra and Louis in my opinion. He also talks about who has big egos (huh? Does he have room to talk like Courtney tweeted?) He predicts the winner too (I pray he’s wrong on that). Check it out and more.

ET Online interviews the couples and Helio Castroneves after their dances as well. Kirstie is a hoot as always.

Access Hollywood interviewed Kirstie and Maks about John Travolta. If you are like myself, you’ll get the giggles watching this and won’t be able to stop. I’m not going to tell you why. LOL

Lastly, here are a couple of videos from PopTvDotcom as well of the stars “after dark” going to dinner, etc. I haven’t watched these fully yet, but, Chelsea and Romeo sure look tight. 😉

I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 5 – Did You Like The Patriot Night Theme? (TAKE POLL)

Let’s get some numbers for how our readers are feeling on lastnight’s America/Patriot Theme on Dancing With The Stars and if you’d like to see them do it again in the future. Please take our new Poll below.

I voted for the “NO” choice and with that vote, it’s a STRONG one! 😡

Be sure to come rank and review the couples with us HERE if you haven’t done so yet.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS Season 12, Week 5 – Dancing by the Numbers!

I only saw part of it, but I think it’s highly possible that Americana week was the most craptastic episode of Dancing with the Stars EVER. And I mean EVER. Not even Derek Hough could have saved this dog. Although the scenery would have been better for me. 😉 That was the stupidest 40 minutes of TV I have ever watched – and I have to watch the whole thing when I get home in order to come up with Cheesecake Awards. The things I do for you people. 🙂 Those of you who missed humor in last week’s version – well, you can probably forget it in this weeks as well.

Anyway, I think that Hines is safe. The problem with craptastic theme weeks is that it could make the results really, really wonky. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Chelsea, Ralph, Kirstie and Chris are also safe. Yes, Ralph got one of the lower scores of the night, but I think he is pretty well loved – I would wager he’s doing better votes wise than Chelsea, Petra, Kendra and Romeo, at least. But I jump ahead. What were the scores??

The Judges Scores and Percentages

Place Celebrity Score Percentage
1. Hines 27 13.92
2. Chelsea 26 13.40
3. Romeo 26 13.40
4. Chris 26 13.40
5. Kirstie 23 11.86
6. Petra 22 11.34
7. Kendra 22 11.34
8. Ralph 22 11.34

Hines is in the top spot with a three way tie for second place between Chelsea, Romeo, and Chris. Then we have the rest of the pack: Ralph, Kirstie, Petra and Kendra. Now, I think that Ralph and Kirstie are going to survive their low scores easily. I hope. 🙂 Which means it will likely come down to Petra and Kendra. Keep in mind that this was such a craptastic week of DWTS that it’s entirely possible that half the regular viewers turned the channel after half an hour. And what happens when the voting is left entirely to those who are rabid?? Well, probably the same thing – poor Petra. But it’s also possible that we could have a “shocking” elimination tonight.

Essentially, between Ralph, Kendra and Petra – whoever gets the most votes between the three of them stays. Well, I would be shocked if Ralph isn’t beating them by a mile in votes. So what would it take for both Petra and Kendra to also survive?? One of the following would have to happen for the BOTH of them:

– Both would have to get ONE more vote per million vote cast than Ralph for him to go home, or;
– Both would have to get 5160 more votes per million votes cast than Kirstie, or;
– Both would have to get 20,620 more votes per million votes cast than either Romeo, Chelsea or Chris, OR;
– Both would have to get 25,780 more votes per million votes cast than Hines.

Does anyone believe that either Kendra or Petra can score that many more votes than their competition? MAYBE Romeo and Chris, but I don’t think so. I am leaning toward Petra going home, but it would not surprise me if it were Kendra. Actually, neither Romeo or Chelsea going home would shock me either right now, but I don’t really think that is going to happen – 20k votes is a pretty nice cushion.

I could write lots more, but I’ve been traveling all day and I’m wiped – this will appear on Tuesday morning, but it was written Monday night – and I’m tired. At some point on Tuesday night I will write a wrap up and if there is an elimination other than Petra or Kendra, I’ll discuss what it took for it to happen. 🙂

I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS12 Week 5 Power Rankings


I can say with complete honesty that I have never had such a miserable time watching the show as I did tonight.  The music? Horrible.  The costumes? Terrible.  The scoring? Completely assanine. To quote my mother, “Thank god the show was only 90 minutes tonight! I can’t take much more!” And to reiterate something Heidi and I agree upon on Twitter – the fool that thought “American Night” would be a super-duper idea needs to be fired and deported to Mexico (I think I originally said Canada, but Evaine informed us that Canada didn’t want him either :-)).  Anywho…guess it’s time to face the music…

1.) Hines & Kym – I think the judges must have literally just done some crack before watching this dance, because there was no way in hell it was “his best so far”, or even the best of the night.  I thought it was his worst – he barely moved, and the little bit of moving he did do was awkward.  Forget any sort of connection to the music – “Proud to be an American” is quite possibly the least sexy, romantic rumba I’ve ever heard on the show.  Even Hines & Kym themselves seemed shocked at the judges’ gushing – as if they themselves didn’t think it was that great. I just can’t figure out what the judges’ “angle” is for keeping him at the top week after week…are they gonna pull the rug out from underneath him in the semifinals and tell him he isn’t improving fast enough? Would make for a nice “shock” elim heading into the finals.  Or who knows – maybe they just really, really love Hines. Eeee gad…it boggles the mind.*shaking head* Luckily for Hines, he’s got a great score on a night with a decent points spread, and Steelers fans are now voting harder than ever before to counteract the efforts of some overzealous (and idiotic, I might add) Baltimore Ravens fans that are encouraging people to vote for “anyone but Hines” in order to get him voted off.  Ha.

2.)  Ralph & Karina – Ok, now on the flipside, what is the judges’ agenda for keeping Ralph from getting the top-scoring position week after week? This poor guy seems to have really turned into a punching bag…was that samba great, or Ralph’s best? Hell no.  But I think it was underscored by at least 2 points, given the crappy song he was given and the Herculean task Karina had in trying to merge samba with country.  He wasn’t terrible, and kept up reasonably well. For once, I was actually thankful for Carrie Ann – she pointed out how hard it was to do what they did, and how it fit in well with the theme of the week.  But alas, they are still part of the 3-way tie for last place – and you best believe TPTB are gonna milk that for all its worth.  “Early frontrunner tumbles into last place! Can the voters save him from flaming out?” Aaaand cue cheesy graphic of a firework fuse burning out.  I’m thinking that Ralph may be getting the lion’s share of the votes, hence the less generous scoring – but it’s also a boon, since I’m fairly certain that his fans are gonna vote that much harder tonight as a result.  I’m fairly certain he’ll be safe, but I hope TPTB know they’re playing with fire if they are indeed trying to make things more interesting…

3.) Kirstie & Maks – As nutty & off-the-wall as this foxtrot was, it came at a time in the show when I was really in need of a laugh & some entertainment – and thankfully, these two delivered, and they did so in a tongue-in-cheek fashion that made me think that they, too found this theme night just absolutely ridiculous and did this foxtrot in jest of the theme 🙂 I love the fact that these two don’t ever take themselves too seriously – I love the bond they’ve formed, and it’s great to see Maks so laid back and having fun with one of his partners.  As for the dance – not a great foxtrot, but definitely not the worst I’ve seen, and certainly not low on the entertainment factor. And praise Jeebus for John Travolta – the only person that could have salvaged the show from complete failure, and he certainly did. I think these two took the cake for most memorable performance tonight for me – and people continue to love Kirstie, so I don’t see these two going anywhere with a good score under their belt as well.

4.) Chelsea & Mark – *sigh* Just not sure what to make of these two anymore.  I find myself not totally loving their dances, but not totally hating them; and I vacillate between thinking that they could go all the way to the finale and thinking they could be in danger this week.  I guess I’m thankful that Mark at least tried to go the traditional route with this one (as traditional as one can go when dancing to a Miley Cyrus song), and Chelsea wasn’t a total failure – she seemed to at least try to get the hip action, and was thankfully aided by those fringed pants that seem to be kind to those who aren’t as skilled in the hip department.  It was fun, it was cute, it was fairly inoffensive.  I think their voters could possibly rally after last week’s whiplash scoring/critiquing, and their presence in the pimp spot tonight makes me wonder if last week’s stunt generated a lot of buzz for these two…and a good score certainly won’t hurt, either.

5.) Chris & Cheryl – Anyone else notice that the truly “patriotic” songs tonight seemed to get the best scores? I think this may have been a slight case of patriotic overscoring. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Chris – he’s funny, he’s cute, and he’s working hard – but this was just good for me…not great.  He did seem a bit stiff at times, and when he’s uncomfortable he tends to plaster a smile on his face that can look like a grimace.  I probably would have given this a 24…but once again, I think the judges are hellbent on having the whole “it’s anyone’s game!” illusion, so they may have tacked on an extra point or two for good measure.  Bah…I dunno.  I like Chris, and I want to see him do well – but I want to see him really earn a good score, and not just get handed one for the sake of excitement.  We all know what happens when some couples get undeservingly overscored – they stick around longer and don’t improve.  But I’m glad Chris has Cheryl, because she does seem to be pushing him.  Between their high score and their combined fanbases, these two are gonna be safe for at least 2 more weeks.

6.) Romeo & Chelsie – This was the one performance tonight that really made me smile 🙂 Seeing Romeo out there jumping around excitedly brought back shades of the joy I got from watching Sugar Ray dance – I knew Romeo would really get good once he was able to let go and really enjoy himself out there! This was actually a pretty good foxtrot – traditional enough to please fuddy-duddy Len, but with enough exciting open work to make it memorable.  I think Romeo’s excitement may have gotten the better of him a few times, but overall it was a pretty clean, consistent perfomance. The only problem I’m seeing with these two is that Romeo seems to be blooming a bit late – I’m not sure enough, quick enough, to really rally people to vote for him.  He doesn’t have the fanbase of favorites like Hines, Kirstie, or Ralph, and he doesn’t seem to be getting quite as good scores as Chris & Chelsea.  I’m hoping he busts some major moves in the next few weeks to stick around!

7.) Kendra & Louis – I believe my exact words upon seeing this “foxtrot” (note the quotations) were something along the lines of “WTF is this???” I counted maybe 8 bars of actual foxtrot in this dance – the rest was just a silly mess of cheesy jazz hands with a little bit of polka peppered in.  The judges got on Karina’s case for not having enough samba in her samba – yet Louis got away with murder on this one.  The little bit of foxtrot that was there was done pretty sloppily – perhaps that’s why Louis kept them in open position most of the time. Don’t even get me started on Kendra’s fake drama in her package, or her constant blathering about her bodily functions – it’s just digging her deeper into the hole she’s been digging since day one.  Do I think these two are in danger? Yes.  Can I say definitively that they’re going home tomorrow? I wish 🙁 But I think their few-but-fervent voters could save them again, and instead we could lose…

8.) Petra & Dmitry – Now the scoring seems to have set up a possible Petra/Kendra bottom 2 (I highly doubt Ralph is going to be in any sort of danger of not getting the numbers), but I worry that in the end Petra is just not going to be able to scrounge up the votes to beat Kendra.  And it really stinks, but I think she may have finally been scored appropriately for the first time in a few weeks – it just unfortunately happened during a week where she got the same score as 2 more popular contestants 🙁 Her quickstep wasn’t terrible, but she just looked soooo stiff and wobbly – and slow.  Had this dance gotten much slower, she would have just been doing a foxtrot.  Petra fans, take heed: if I were you, I’d vote with all of your might tonight.  Go create several new online accounts to get your votes in, because I worry that it could come down to the wire and Kendra might be able to eek out another week on the show – and I think we’re all pretty sick of hearing about her period by now 🙂 So please…let’s all cross our fingers, and do a little booty-shaking dance to the DWTS gods and pray that it’s Kendra sent packing!

Phew! Glad that’s over…I’m glad to be able to put DWTS behind me tonight, and I’m hoping that they trash American Night permanently and NEVER bring it back again.  Am I the only one that hated tonight? Let me know! Oh, and a few quick PureDWTS PSA’s for this week: as many of you know, Heidi is out of town, and may or may not be able to get her “by the numbers” post done for tomorrow.  I may step in to assist, but let’s cross our fingers that she does it, because she’s just so darn good at it 🙂 Also, our server has a 30-minute outage scheduled for sometime between 10 PM – 5 AM Mountain time tomorrow night – this likely won’t affect those of us in the Eastern & Central zones (unless you’re a night owl), but it could affect those watching out west.  If you can’t get on the site – don’t be alarmed, just wait a little bit and keep trying…we promise we aren’t shutting down.  At least not without a fight 🙂

April 18, 2011 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Follow me (and my dog!) on Twitter & Instagram: @putuincespence & @BirkinTheBulldog

DWTS Stats Class – Week 5

Patriot Night! Is everyone wearing their reds, whites, and blues tonight?

I’m not either… But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy tonight’s dances… well as long as they are good… I hope.

Ralph and Karina – Samba
– Age [40s]: 20.765
– Occupation [Actor]: 24.625
– Pro Partner: 23
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: After Ralph’s high scoring opening number… his been middle of the pack thus far in accordance to the judges… the Samba isn’t exactly an easy dance technically-wise, especially the hip action. I’m thinking his score is going to go down a little here.

Kirstie and Maks – Foxtrot
– Age [60s]: 23.667
– Occupation [Actress]: 23.125
– Pro Partner: 23.714
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Ok… so it’s been four weeks and Kirstie has had a mishap in two of the four dances. Particularly the SLOW dances (Rumba, Waltz), Foxtrot is more middle of the road speed… so I’m thinking that she’s not going to has a mishap this time around… and if she does, it’s probably because things come in threes.

Romeo and Chelsie – Foxtrot
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Singer]: 22.25
– Pro Partner: 21
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: Ok… I’m liking Romeo a bit more, as opposed to the judges. I want him to be a man in this dance, to frame Chelsie and give her that gentlemanly masculinity that he’s more than capable of portraying. If he does that then I expect to see him around for another week.

Chris and Cheryl – Viennese Waltz
– Age [40s]: 21.4
– Occupation [Athlete]: 26
– Pro Partner: 24.5
Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Chris has been growing on me over the weeks. But unfortunately he hasn’t been all that memorable either. Here’s hoping for something solid to pin him down on (no pun intended).

Petra and Dmitry – Quickstep
– Age [30s]: 24.026
– Occupation [Model]: 21.2
– Pro Partner: 23.5
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: The Quickstep is a foot placement heavy dance. And with Petra’s tendency of dancing off her feet rather than on it, I’m thinking the score SHOULD be lower, but will it be?

Hines and Kym – Rumba
– Age [30s]: 24.653
– Occupation [NFL]: 23.5
– Pro Partner: 23.667
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Hines has been on a hell of an uphill climb these past few weeks. His personality is rather infectious, but will it come out during something as slow and romantic as the Rumba? I’m not entirely convinced, but I could be proven wrong.

Chelsea and Mark – Samba
– Age [20s]: 26.615
– Occupation [Disney]: 25
– Pro Partner: 23.75
Predicted Score: 25
Thoughts: The upbeat Samba tends to favor the young (not necessarily the young at heart). Chelsea has been getting decent marks thus far… She could do well here AND get away with crazy personality in the process… dammit.

Kendra and Louis – Foxtrot
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Reality TV]: 19.857
– Pro Partner: 23.188
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: I got nothing, she shouldn’t EVEN be around. Foxtrot is an elegant dance with a flair of a personality thrown in. If Kendra doesn’t embrace the elegance I want her OUT. That’s all I got to say.

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My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

Dancing With The Stars 12 – Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin’s Quickstep Tonight Near And Dear To Them

In a new TV Guide interview, Petra gives us a teaser for what’s to come tonight. She says her and Dmitry’s Quickstep is a “thank you for all the opportunities” they’ve received by coming to the U.S.. Being they weren’t born in America, this night is “near and dear to their hearts”. Details below and at the link for more on her challenges and journey. Picture above from Dmitry’s twiiter.

How’s the quickstep coming?
Petra Nemcova: Very well. It’s different from the devilish paso doble! Now I can be smiley and more myself, which is definitely more enjoyable. But it’s all-American week and we want to say thank you. We accomplished our dreams because of the openness of everyone’s hearts here in America. My dream was to help children and I was fortunate to establish the Happy Hearts Fund. One of the greatest things about Americans is that there’s such a strong philanthropic identity in the DNA of the U.S. It’s such a charitable nation, so it’s a thank you for all the opportunities not only for my dreams, but for the dreams of children all around the world.

Are you telling a story throughout the dance?
Nemcova: We do have a story, but it’s not related to the thank you, because the song is about a special city in the U.S. There’s no other place like this city, so we kind of had to make it more themed about the city. The singer of the song is one of the greatest in history, so we’re very excited about it. I think it’s going to be great.

Did you have any trouble learning the choreography?
Nemcova: There are so many fast steps! I was a bit afraid of the quickstep because everyone said it was challenging. It’s definitely fast and it’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying it. I’m picking it up. I still have to work on many things. And the stamina — it’s crazy at the end, you’re just like, “Oh my God!” Dmitry needs extra energy, but I need new feet! They are burning! It’s a stamina dance, but it’s good to be able to smile through it.

Below is something else Petra posted on their tonight dance at her twitter. Note how Len helped them this week.

Edit to Add: A video from The Huffington Post today of the two playing around during rehearsals and make-up last week.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS Season 12, Week 5 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

Okay, going out of town tomorrow morning so my buds Vogue and Court will have to update this if anyone tweets their dance order after about 11 pm tonight. I am taking my laptop, so I may be able to do Dancing by the Numbers, but that may be more challenging. We’ll see. 🙂

We have another week of a random mixture of dances the couples haven’t done before – I sure would LOVE to know the process for determining who gets what dance and WHEN the producers decide who’s doing what. My question is, is this another way to manipulate the results?? Or is it a direct result of wacky theme weeks?? That is, when you do a theme where the celebs pick the music and do a dance that tells something personal about them, does it throw everything out of wack by eliminating certain dances for certain couples??? Because it seems out of wack to me. Two Sambas, three foxtrots, a rumba, a quickstep and a V. Waltz??? Seems like a pretty wacky combo to me. Here’s who’s dancing what:

Ralph and Karina – Samba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.08

Kenda and Louis – Foxtrotdancing 7th (per Louis’ twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.07

Chelsea and Mark – Samba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.01

Kirstie and Maks – Foxtrot
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.11

Romeo and Chelsie – Foxtrot
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.05

Chris and Cheryl – Viennese Waltz – dancing 2nd (per Cheryl’s Twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.09

Hines and Kym – Rumba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.03

Petra and Dmitry – Quickstep
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.04

Is it just me, or could this be a bad week of dancing?? Petra doing the quickstep could highlight that her feet just ain’t there – although it IS more likely they will actually stay on the FLOOR this time. Romeo on the foxtrot?? Doesn’t sound good for Romeo – I could be wrong. Chelsea and the Samba?? That girl got away with having weird hips in her Cha Cha, will she again?? Or has she worked it out? Kendra and the Foxtrot? Girl hates ballroom so combine that with Louis saying it’s “not traditional” and we could finally see the last of her. Ralph I just don’t know about – Samba?? His only other uptempo dance was the Jive and that knocked him down the leader board a good way. Hopefully by week 5 he’s got what it takes (because I lurve him 🙂 )

I guess the only ones I see POSSIBLY doing well are Kirstie (Foxtrot), Chris (V. Waltz) and Hines (Rumba). And even these I’m not sure about. Kirstie is the queen of the unfortunate mishap who seriously needs a good, clean dance. Chris did well with the Paso (23) and his quickstep (23), so I think the V.Waltz is a fortunate choice for him. As for Hines, he seems to do everything pretty well, but the Rumba can be a crazy dance. Especially combined with the “Americana” week crapola. I think it’s possible that Kym will be the most challenged pro this week.

I dunno – I guess we will see. 🙂

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