DWTS Amy Purdy And Derek Hough Hint Of What To Expect With Their Contemporary Dance

In case you haven’t heard yet, Amy Purdy will be trying brand new prosthetic legs tomorrow night for she and Derek’s contemporary dance. Below she talks about it with Yahoo.

On the Most Memorable Year dance and what Hough said

After Hough hinted to reporters that the duo would be “doing something that has never really been done before, at least dancing-wise,” Purdy gave us a hint as to what to expect: “I have a new pair of legs that move totally different than — let me put it this way — a new pair of legs that have never been used the way that we’re going to use them,” she teased. “And it’s really to create these beautiful lines in this dance and the shapes with your body. I think the way that Derek said we’ve kind of been pulling from one bag of tricks because my feet, right now my legs are stuck kind of at a 90-degree angle, and that is all there is to it. So with these new legs we’re able to open up this whole other box of tricks that we haven’t even been able to play with. And neither of us believes it’s ever been done before.”

Derek Hough also wrote about Amy’s new legs in his new blog with TV Guide

Amy got new legs this week, but it’s not because of this incident. I’ve been talking to her prosthetics maker about options and they found feet for swimming. When you swim, your feet are pointed, so when she puts these on, she’s on her toes the entire time. Her face just lit up after she put them on. She was like, “I feel like a lady. I wanna cross my legs slowly and show off my feet.” It was really sweet. I am really, really excited about this week and her new legs! What it’s done for us is it’s opened up a whole room of moves that we couldn’t do with the other prosthetics because it wouldn’t aesthetically look right. We have the contemporary, so now we’re able to add lifts and use her legs in ways we couldn’t before. It’s nice to have that freedom now. I’m also excited because Amy’s story is so important and the opportunity to be able to share something with the audience and with her family is inspiring. Plus, no one’s tried to dance in swim prothestic legs before, so Amy’s going to be a pioneer as usual!

This girl continues to amaze me for how she turns her disability inside out and is even willing to try something new (while learning a new dance on top of it all) on a dancing show to be aired in front of millions. It has to be scary. Would you have that kind of strength? Lots more at Pure Derek Hough on this beautiful and inspiring couple.