Tom Bergeron Excited About Angle Taken For New All-Star Season of Dancing With The Stars

Tom Bergeron had glowing things to say to Zap2It about the mark Richard Dawson left on “Family Feud”. Tom tries to use that same kind of “poking fun” and “spontaneity” (boy, does he ever! 🙂 ). Tom also discussed the new upcoming All-Star Season of Dancing With The Stars. Below is more about what he’s excited for….

“I’m very excited about that,” he confirms, “particularly since it’s now a broader canvas than had originally been discussed. At one point, there was talk of doing sort of a ‘second chance’ season for contestants who came close, but didn’t quite get the coveted mirrorball trophy.

“Then, the powers that be thought it might be more fun to open it up and even include former champions and fan favorites who might not have had a snowball’s chance going in, but were always very charismatic and popular. I think that turns it into more of a celebration of the show itself, and I’m excited about that angle.”

I’m excited too. I agree how having the “very charismatic and popular” contestants will be just as fun as the winners themselves. Afterall, this show is about entertainment as much as skill.

Stay tuned. Tom is prepping to host PBS’ “A Capitol Fourth” concert special for the first time on Wednesday, July 4th. More on everything at Zap2It.