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PureDWTS DWTS Junior Pro Profile – JT Church

Age: 12
Height: 4’9″ (Court’s best guess – he’s taller than Artyon, but still one of the shorter junior pros)
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Home studio: Club Dance Studio
Dance styles: jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom/Latin, gymnastics
How you might know him: He was the runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation; Lip Sync Battle Shorties
Other accolades: Mini Male Best Dancer at the 2017 Las Vegas Dance Awards
Pro mentor: Alan Bersten
Celeb partner: Sky Brown

A compilation of all of JT’s duets & solos while he was on SYTYCD:

Dancing a duet at the Radix Nationals this year:

Serving us some “Cake By The Ocean” on Lip Sync Battle Shorties:

Getting “In His Feelings” doing this hip-hop combo:

And some cha-cha fun with Lacey:

Court’s thoughts: Another extraordinarily well-rounded and energetic kid – I honestly don’t think there’s a single weak link in the junior pros, guys; most of these kids are cross-trained better than a good chunk of the adult pros. I think Jake’s got everything he needs to do well on the show – the technique, the showmanship, the versatility; my only concern (and this is an itty-bitty one, no pun intended) is that his small stature/build may mean his partner has an inch or two on him, and he may not yet have the upper-body strength for lifts – it just might limit he & Sky a bit in terms of variety in their routines, but as I mentioned – this is a very small concern. I’m really having to stretch to find issues with these junior pros, they’re that good 😉

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DWTS Karina Smirnoff, Sasha Farber, Anna Trebunskaya, And More To Dance In “Agent Carter” Season 2

Stay tuned for Episode 8 of “Agent Carter”. Entertainment Weekly is reporting Louis Van Amstel has choreographed a dance that will be featured. Not only that, several pros from Dancing With The Stars and other dancers will be performing. Read on for details. I don’t watch this show, but, I may have to watch this episode.

Here’s the deal: “Episode 8 ends with a cliffhanger where Peggy and Jarvis [James D’Arcy] get in big trouble and are knocked out,” executive producer Michele Fazekas tells EW. “Episode 9 begins with a dream sequence that starts in black and white — by the way, [Atwell] was made for black and white. She looks like Rita Hayworth. She looks spectacular.”

Then, in true Wizard of Oz fashion, everything goes into color, leading into a full-on Broadway musical dance number that features an original song from lyricist David Zippel and composer Christopher Lennertz, in conjuction with executive producers Tara Butters and Fazekas.

Choreographed by Dancing with the Stars’ Louis van Amstel, the sequence features a number of pros from DWTS, including van Amstel, Dmitry Chaplin, Karina Smirnoff, Anna Trebunskaya, Sasha Farber and Damian Whitewood. Dancers Robert Roldan, Malene Ostergaard, Amanda Balen, Serge Onik, Jenya Shatilova, Lacey Escabar, Alla Kocherga and Paul Kirkland also join them.

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