More DWTS Cast Rumors and Wannabees: Rob Gronkowski, Jonathan Coachman, Slugger the Sea Dog, And More

The executive producer of “Dancing With the Stars”, Deena Katz, wants Rob Gronkowski “The Gronk” to dance in the new season of Dancing With The Stars. However, she’s having trouble getting him to commit.

“I think for many reasons he’d be great,” Katz told our Left Coast correspondent during the Television Critics Association press tour. “He’s great on camera. I think he gets it. I do think he can dance. And I think that the fan base that that team has is great for someone like him to be on it.”

Gronk has admitted that ABC’s mega-popular dance competition has wooed him in the past, but he just won’t commit. Katz hinted that the reason might be that 
either the twinkle-toed tight end or the Pats’ brass are afraid their oft-injured star might trip while tripping the light fantastic and hurt himself.

“I know people are concerned about him being injured. We had the best running back and the Super Bowl MVP on our show last season and we take very good care of them,” she said.

To read more and to read how she’d like to partner him with Cheryl Burke, see the Boston Herald.

Now for some “Wannabe’s”:

Jonathan Coachman – According to the Miami Herald, ESPN reporter and WWE star mentioned he wanted to do Dancing With The Stars.

During the Sunday afternoon (July 17) radio show “The Coach & Bretos” on ESPN Radio and the ESPN App, co-host The Coach Jonathan Coachman said he wanted to participate on one of his favorite televisions shows, “Dancing with the Stars,” on ESPN’s sister network ABC.

I have to admit…. I think I’d like to see this.

Slugger the Sea Dog – Who, you ask? Well, according to WMTW, Slugger is campaigning to become the first-ever mascot to participate on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Be sure to see the video at this link. Dancing With The Stars Season 1’s John O’Hurley is campaigning for this to happen as well.

Slugger is known for his outrageous dancing during Portland Sea Dogs games. He now wants to show his talents to a national audience.

In a video, Maine-native John O’Hurley, who appeared on season 1 of “Dancing with the Stars,” appears with Slugger to introduce the idea.

“Nobody is a bigger fan of the Sea Dogs than I am, and nobody is a bigger fan of ballroom dancing that I am,” O’Hurley said.

DWTS Gossip found a few wannabe’s too:

Roy Nelson – The UFC fighter says he’d like to dance on Dancing With The Stars at the Review Journal.

Claressa Shields – This Olympian Boxer wants to be a household name. From SB Nation

Outside of the boxing rings, the talented middleweight is getting more used to being an attraction. T-Rex, a documentary about her route to the London Olympics, just premiered on PBS. Shields wants to be on TV more often, and not just to play herself.

“My agent has a lot of things going back at home,” she said. “Right now, I guess some things are in the works. I wanna be an actress. That’s what I wanna do. I also want to be a dominant boxer. Who knows if I come back for 2020.

“But, also, I will be in acting. Hopefully I can do things like Dancing with the Stars. I mean, I’m down for all that stuff. I think I can dance a little bit [laughs]. I’m just taking this journey as far as I can take it. I believe that I’m going to be a household name after this Games.”

The casting rumors are really starting to ramp up now, aren’t they? The Pro Watch post is going up soon as well. Stay tuned!