New Feature: Pure DWTS Reader’s Rants and Raves

I’m trying out a new feature on Pure DWTS called Reader’s Rants and Raves. Certainly, you’ll still have the option to rant and rave in the comments. However, if you have a particularly strong opinion that you want more people to see, then this will be the place for you to be seen. For now, you can just use the contact us page to submit a Rant or Rave. Just title it as such so I know. Also, I’ll use the name you submit on that page when I post your rant and/or rave, so only put a name you want me to make public (Nicknames or Anonymous are fine as well).

A few guidelines for the Rants and Raves. First, I reserve sole right to pick and choose the rants and raves that I publish (You can’t even blame Princess Heidi, Courtney, Marianya or Vogue). My only bias is towards beautiful blonde women. Otherwise, my bias will be towards rants and raves that are interesting, unique, creative, funny, etc. I’m sure many will claim other bias, but I really don’t have any.

Also, be sure to keep your rant and rave G rated and avoid personal attacks. Feel free to have strong opinions and commentary, but stay civil. Remember these are opinions. Also, be sure to spell and grammar check your submissions. They’ll be posted as is or not at all if they’re too terrible.

Enough disclaimers. Time to hear all your DWTS rants, raves and ideas on our contact us page.

In fact, to get things started, the following is a Reader Rant and Rave I had emailed to me that inspired this new feature. Occasionally, I’ll add my comments in brackets [like this].

Shirley wrote:
Yo, John. Agree whole heartedly with the scoring [I think this was actually Princess Heidi]. Next year they need a shadow judge for each of them. Someone, basically a nobody from nowhere in particular, who stands behind each judge and scores the couples on their entertainment value only. Since this nobody knows nothing about dance except through movies, their scores would be wholly based on the entertainment value of the dance, not technique — this would be a much more evenly based scoring system.

And, John, if you have Twitter [I do: @puredwts], please pass this on to Kirstie and Maks. Watch the movie, STRICTLY BALLROOM, and give us a Paso Doble like that in the movie. Hey, have you seen it? Watch it; you’ll love it. [I have seen it and LOVE it.] By the way, Sugar Ray’s Paso was way short of being the kind of Paso I’m used to seeing and certainly didn’t deserve the scores they got.

Ralph needs a couple visits to a ballet studio where he can learn how to hold his hand posture; while he has the full length of his arms and legs in control, his hands need a little ballet posture training so his full stretched out arms don’t look like swinging spatulas, like one of the judges said.

The only part of Petra’s Waltz I liked was the ending where she absolutely looked like a spinning ballerina on the top of a little girl’s jewelry box.

Chelsea, I think, is and always will be embarrassed; not about showing herself off, but because of her youth and her lack of professionalism. [See, here’s my bias. I love hot blondes;-)]

Kendra, unfortunately, will always be a Bunny-room dancer no matter how hard she practices.

I also believe the female pros have it tougher than the male pros because they have to make it look like the men celebs are leading. And I feel that Ralph and Chris are closer to being able to lead than the other celebs. Hines looks like he’s leading but I think that’s due to the good choreography.

I love your daily updates. And the fact that you or your assistant [In my dreams] actually reads these replies is a big plus to my day. [I do read all my replies and respond where possible. Now many thousands more will read your comments and reply too.] Thank you. Shirley

There we go. How’s that for a start? I’m excited and afraid of what might be submitted. Either way, bring on the strong opinions, feelings, and ideas.