John’s UPDATE: If you’re seeing this update on the post, then you’re seeing Pure DWTS on the new server. Looks like it propagated faster than I thought it would. At least it did for me. Hopefully it’s the same for everyone else. Let me know what you think of the speed of the new server. Hopefully it’s a bit better experience for everyone.

This may seem like really crappy timing, but there is NO good time for this and it’s better we do it now and get it out of the way before the site really gets crazy on Monday.  Long time readers know that days like Monday are impossible due to heavy traffic. And Heidi gets frustrated to the point of hurting her computer. 😉

PureDWTS is getting an upgrade to a new server which will hopefully allow us to update the site easier during extremely high traffic times, and it should also load faster for readers during those times as well. We HOPE. 🙂  So, starting at 9 pm PACIFIC time, the site will either appear to be down altogether, or you will only see a cached copy.  They say it can take several hours for the upgrade to complete and then it could take half the day tomorrow for the DNS to propagate.  Don’t ask me to explain that – it’s one of those things that I understand but can’t explain it to people. Kinda like evolution. Or gravity. Or the Paso Doble  🙂

So, DO NOT PANIC!!  We expect to be back in total by no later than Saturday afternoon. And we could be back much sooner. We’re just not sure. 🙂