Val Chmerkovskiy Judges Dance Competition At St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

This is so cool! I love when the pros of Dancing With The Stars are so giving to others less fortunate. For example, this week Val Chmerkovskiy judged a dance competition at Bayside’s St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. You can read a take from Bayside Patch below.

“They’ve been practicing for a long time,” said Leslie Johnson, a spokeswoman for the hospital. “They are very dedicated and want to eventually put on a big show. Music has so many therapeutic qualities. It allows them to engage in the world around them.”

Chmerkovskiy and the other judges gave perfect ’10’ scores to the performances.

More at Bayside Patch including a picture with Val. Val has been tweeting pictures of the event as well. The pics are adorable. There is also a video here. A must see!!

ADDING: I Design Times interviewed Val on this event and Dancing With The Stars. He also talks a little of his new music….

Fans of Chmerkovskiy could get to see him in a whole different light very soon as well. He posted a photo of himself playing the violin to Instagram and said he has been in a recording studio lately. He released his debut album in 2011 entitled You’re Welcome, but does the new photo mean that there are plans for a follow-up?

“There are always plans!” he said. “I’m in a Catch 22 because four or five years ago, I didn’t have the exposure I do now. Now I have [that], but what I do needs to have the quality that people have come to expect from me. There are definitely plans to do more music, but I’m just taking my time because I want what comes out to reflect the person I am today.”

I love when Val plays his violin. Be sure to read the whole article at I Design Times. They’ve posted new pictures too. 😉