DWTS Online Campaigning For Season 14: Beth Chapman, Marina Sirtis, Greg Louganis

It seems every season we see massive online campaigning for certain celebrities to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Well, season 14 is no different. For instance, I’ve noticed a lot of twitter chat for Beth Chapman (aka @MrsDogC) to dance on Dancing With The Stars. In case you don’t know, Beth is the wife to the “Dog The Bounty Hunter. Below is a recent picture of the two….

Would she be cool? I can see her paired up with Louis.

Another popular celebrity campaign is for Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis! This isn’t a new campaign. Her fans were campaigning hard for her last season as well. She has expressed great interest in doing the show. In fact, below is a quote from Trek News before last season started.

HERE is a quote from her twitter from a few days ago. Will Season 14 finally be Marina’s time to shine on the dance floor?

“I’ve been trying to get on Dancing With The Stars for the past 2 years as it’s one of my favorite shows,” Sirtis told TrekNews.net. “it’s time Star Trek was represented [on the show]” she added.

“I’m sure we have as many followers as the reality shows that are represented every year.” Sirtis said.

On the topic of how a viral Twitter campaign began to have her nominated for the Dancing With The Stars, Sirtis said “I mentioned my desire to appear on the show at a couple of conventions and of course the fans picked up the ball and ran with it.”

I’d love it if this were to happen! She definitely has a dancer body too. I still vision her with Tony like last season.

Now here is an interesting candidate and his name has come up before in many of our previous reportings…and that is Olympic Swimming Champion Greg Louganis!! Even more interesting yet is that Greg was pictured with some of the pros in Cabo San Lucas last June. Now he has recently expressed interest in dancing on Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take from LgbtqNation. What a cool message he’d have for the show too. I see Anna with Greg.

“Being on Dancing With The Stars is more than me being on the show, it sends a positive message — an ‘It Gets Better’ message. And that message is still important- kids are still losing hope. I want to do what I can for them.”

There have been gay men on DWTS before — Lance Bass, Carson Cressley and Louis Amstel — and Chaz Bono broke the transgender barrier last season. But if his bid is successful, Louganis would be the first openly HIV positive contestant. And it’s about time, say HIV activists.

“In a generation that is trying to end AIDS, it’s great to have openly HIV positive sports figures like Greg Louganis in the spot light,” said Tom Donohue, founder and executive director of Who’s Positive, an HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness organization.

“Not only can his presence be a reminder for folks to be tested, his appearance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ can reemphasize how those living with HIV/AIDS can live normal and active lives.” said Donohue, who is also on the board of directors for The National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA).

So, what do you think if any of these three were picked to dance? Who do you see them paired with? Stay tuned as Heidi is planning a “That’s Not Going To Happen” post again soon! 😉

SPECIAL NOTE:: THIS IS NOT A “CAMPAIGNING” POST for fans to campaign for their favorite celebrity. It’s just a news post announcing the popular online campaigning going on currently, what you think of the above three celebrities, and who you’d like to see them paired with. If you use the comment section to campaign, your post will be deleted. You can do campaigning at the Dancing With The Stars Official site here.