PureDWTS DWTS Jr. Internet Watch – Interesting Things on Twitter & Instagram

Ok, since my DM’s on Twitter have been blowing up with questions of “Did you see who [insert pro here] followed?!” or “OMG [insert celebrity child here] loves slime and [insert pro here] just posted a picture with slime!!! Are they paired up???”, I figured now was the time to pull the trigger on what I will call an “internet watch” post. This is going to be the place where you find all of the interesting, peculiar, curious, and suspicious goings-on between the pros, junior pros, potential kid celebs, etc. on Twitter and Instagram (and maybe Facebook, if anyone actually still uses it anymore) that aren’t necessarily concrete enough to elicit their own post, but are food-for-thought nonetheless.

First, a bit of a disclaimer: I’ve kind of said this already on Twitter, but DWTS Jr. is going to be different than DWTS (because these are kids, not adults), and thus I feel like I need to approach it differently; with that being said, I’m not sure spoiling anything that isn’t already somewhat common knowledge (i.e. the kids posting on social media, or anything other media outlets have already leaked) feels…ethical. Source has told me just how excited the kids are, and want everyone to be surprised at the cast announcement – and that gives me pause, because I don’t want the junior pros/their celeb partners to be disappointed. So with that being said, I’ve decided not to spoil any celeb names that haven’t already been hinted at or leaked by others – I’ll speculate along with you guys on things you see, but I’ve gotten a few of the kid celeb names, and they’re names that NOBODY is talking about; I’m going to keep ’em to myself unless some other outlet spoils them…and knowing this show, someone will eventually. Be patient 🙂 Read more..